Bad Dark Knight/Spell Fencer Ideas

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User Info: MonstrousMouse

2 years ago#1
So, let's say you're using a Dark Knight/Spell Fencer, and you put Blizzaga on your weapon instead of Drain, then use Dark Bane. Do you get the bonus Blizzaga damage, or do you just do normal Dark Bane damage?

User Info: MayaWright

2 years ago#2
IIRC, Dark Bane's Dark element overrides any Elemental Sword Magic, but I never tested it. Drain still works, since it's not an element. Hmm... easy enough to test though.

You can always induce Dark-elemental weakness on the enemy if you want to hit their weak point.
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User Info: bahamut920

2 years ago#3
Yeah, I just have my Performer/Salve-Maker Agnes toss a Insect Antenna + Dark Matter compound on the boss right before Ringabel's turn.
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