got kicked by other players

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User Info: ZulHero

4 years ago#1
well this is bs. i get kicked and the system decided to give me a "bad sport" when i only was in the loading screen when i got kicked.
i even get kicked when im not doing anything wrong. i mean i was only in a game for 10 sec before i get kicked
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User Info: EspharianRage

4 years ago#2
Same here, getting kicked within seconds of joining a session.
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User Info: MestreRothGF

4 years ago#3
Still some people think that rep stuff from xbone is a good idea. Have they learnt nothing with the BF lobby admins?

User Info: 2kJeriRKO

4 years ago#4
I've heard some others saying it did that in Solo Mode as well. I just get an error go back to GTA V or timed out when I try to join, or it just says Launching Session and stays there.

User Info: X4kdawg15

4 years ago#5
I got the same thing in a death match I was the top on my team got kicked by other players bad sport warning when I loaded back up
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