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User Info: SlyGamer1979

3 years ago#1
mine is gone it seems today that was afew days worth of work and was almost 15 almost had enough for a place too ! :-(
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User Info: STO-109

3 years ago#2
I've had like 2 or 3 disappear on me. My current one has been saving though (knocks on wood).
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User Info: thedeparted94

3 years ago#3
i made a new one today..

if this gets deleted, rockstar can suck my balls..I ain't playing no more
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User Info: bigcrouch

3 years ago#4
I lost a few... But the money stayed in the bank account which was odd. But it was useful as my new characters had some cash to buy ammo etc with.

User Info: confusedlol

3 years ago#5
Mine just got deleted this second. 5 days after release and still deleting characters.

User Info: avenue20

3 years ago#6
first time i lost my level 7 character then my level 17 characters

now im gonna wait until its really restored

User Info: takedown_ninja6

3 years ago#7
same here, working fine for a few days even worked earlier today then bam i try to get back online and it says to accept jobs i need to finish the gta online tutorial... needed to create my character yet again so my rank has been dropped cash is gone and all the work ive done is gone.
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User Info: SweGabe

3 years ago#8
Up until Friday I lost 10+ sick and tired of watching the opening.
But the last one has worked since, only lost 2 levels, 20k of money and a few purchased weapons between finishing playing yesterday and starting today.

Its strange your stats and bank history is always saved and up to date, even if/when your level, money and weapons seem to reset to an "earlier" save.

User Info: MacBookAir

3 years ago#9
all 7 of them. Not a single one has saved. Gonna try an 8th, but not expecting much.
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User Info: doofy102

3 years ago#10
I only started playing yesterday, and today whilst playing, the game froze. I rebooted but it told me I couldn't connect to the cloud severs, so I went to load single player instead, and then the loading screen flickered on and off really quick and didn't seem to progress, so I rebooted the console/game again (it loaded right this time) and tried to go online via single player once the single had loaded. When I held down on the dpad, I could see my online character's face where it should have been. When I actually selected it though, it took me out of the SP and loaded up the character creation spot.. my character was gone but money was still there. Then about ten minutes later the money was gone too.
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