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User Info: F_H_Nukem

4 years ago#1
what are the spawning parameters for the armored trucks?
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User Info: beardface21

4 years ago#2
They usually spawn for me during the day around Los Santos. No area in particular
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User Info: bjay88

4 years ago#3
I seem to have them more when I drive my own one. Occasionally if you blow one up they'll spawn like mad also.

Other than that it seems very rare to get one, it may have something to do with the amount of valid people in the lobby as I often do invite only with a few people and barely see em unlike when I'm in full lobbies where there more frequent.
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User Info: InfernoSD

4 years ago#4
They spawn on the nearest road, or whatever the game deems a road. Even if you're on top of Chiliad or out over the ocean, it'll take whatever's closest.

As for when they spawn, that's pretty ambiguous. All that I know for certain is that armored trucks, crate drops, and Simeon export cars are all treated as random events, and only one can exist in a session at a time. Meaning if there's a crate or export car on the map, it needs to be cleared before an armored truck can spawn.
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User Info: FluffyKidJoe

4 years ago#5
How much do they usually give?

User Info: HU_Tessa

4 years ago#6
I was playing a game with my friend last night and it spawned at the same spot over and over >> down the east side strip in the Tataviam Mountains and Ron Alternatives Wind Farm --- dunno if it was glitched but every time we stopped one another one would already be driving around in that same strip not far away from us

User Info: Sera67

4 years ago#7
FluffyKidJoe posted...
How much do they usually give?

Each bag is about 1500-3000, Trucks (so far for me) drop 2-5.

bags can be destoryed, and pushed by others.
So be careful blowing up doors, or having made npc behind you run them over.

Had car blow up next to truck, blowing up 3 of bags -_-'

I've had crate and truck up at same time.

I was on my way to a carte, when truck appear on highway above me. couldnt get to truck in time do to highway.... which happens way to often.

Seen them at Night, And there are certain areas they appear. I see same 5 areas pretty much where they spawn.
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User Info: Eternal_Warlord

4 years ago#8
I notice they spawn more frequently when there's more people in the lobby.

I had 2 spawn right next to me but one was floating above the map cause it apparently spawned on a roof. Eventually it floated down to ground level then I blew it up, Immediately after that one spawned up the road a little ways. I got that one, too before my 3 star even started flashing.

Then when I look at my radar it said 4 other people attacked armored trucks at the exact same time.

But then they stopped super spawning and everyone decided to resort to griefing instead for entertainment. The lobby got all glitchy and I had to leave it was terrible.
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User Info: Jbelcher90

4 years ago#10
beardface21 posted...
They usually spawn for me during the day around Los Santos. No area in particular

They spawn in Los Santos!?!?!? I've been searching Vice City! Doh!

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