Stimulus money?

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User Info: dhampire1

3 years ago#1
How do you get it, it's not in my bank

User Info: IncogNITO_Z25

3 years ago#2
It will be automatically deposited when it's available, which it isn't. Rockstar has postponed the first installment, and haven't disclosed a date yet.

No offense, but there have already been dozens of topics on this, search it next time please.
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User Info: dhampire1

3 years ago#3
oh, i thought i read the first part of it was already given out, my bad

User Info: masumane2

3 years ago#4
Why do they starve the legit players? It's not like cheaters need this money. The people at Rockstar really should stop ignoring GTA online.
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User Info: ManuMIAS

3 years ago#5
Im exited for this money, but they are taking too long to deposit, and like the previous user said, this is a way to reedem legit players since most of cheaters have been using exploits to get money.

User Info: clarinet1

3 years ago#6
It should be out next week after the patch.

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