Why do bounties hide in their apartment if they get a bounty?

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  3. Why do bounties hide in their apartment if they get a bounty?

User Info: dodgekk9

3 years ago#1
If your a bounty who waits, or may have a reason, please explain.
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User Info: Oi_cAsUaLty_Oi

3 years ago#2
Easy money, wait for bounty to time out.
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User Info: zyrax2301

3 years ago#3
Maybe they don't understand the concept of time = money, maybe they're cowards, maybe they have something else to do and are just grabbing some free stacks. Who are you to question them?!
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: Soulidarity

3 years ago#4
I only wait in my apartment if I have things irl to do. If not, its not worth the time to sit doing nothing when I could make that amount many times over in the same amount of time.
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User Info: fLiNo

3 years ago#5
why do bounty hunters post on forums when they fail to capture a bounty?

User Info: ChumpNorris

3 years ago#6
They do it just to bother people like you TC. The time they spend in their apartment they could make 9k robbing stores but the fact it bothers people means its worth more than the 9k to them.
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User Info: trublu42

3 years ago#7
To me it's only logical. I mean, like someone else said, they could just wait in their apartments for 40 mins and standby while surfing the web or something. OR, they could go on a high speed chase dodging npc's and players. It depends upon what kind of player/person you are. I imagine the latter get's old after a while though. I try it every once in a while but usually die after 10 mins and then get griefed for another five so that's another deterrent.

User Info: LeBronze

3 years ago#8
I think it's pathetic some people are so scared of dying in a game that they'd waste 40mins of their lives doing nothing just so they don't die.

I welcome bounties, I'll park my car, take cover and welcome any potential customers.
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User Info: rpacis

3 years ago#9
Unless they have millions/billions put on their head...
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User Info: Odin_theRonin

3 years ago#10
Because they don't want to be bothered. Or simply, because people play the game differently.
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  3. Why do bounties hide in their apartment if they get a bounty?

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