"You're f*****' dead... dead... dead..."

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User Info: Orange9

3 years ago#11

i feel like going to a moive
sometimes i feel like i live in a paradise
where were the day cookie head got killed?

User Info: xnoelz

3 years ago#12

lol I love this one
"Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free."

User Info: strife187

3 years ago#13
Get a job!

User Info: F_H_Nukem

3 years ago#14
Claimh_Solias posted...
snake_dante44 posted...
This is so far my favorite quote I hear from the enemies when playing survival, and the way they say it are so funny. lol

Do you have any favorite quotes from the survival enemies?

This is my favorite quote as well, always makes me laugh.

This one and the one where they say "Ahhhh motherf******!"

i loved that line in GTAIV when you get into prolonged battles with niko
"The CoD franchise is the McDonalds of video games, its widely known to be bad but millions still eat it up" - therickmu25 - 11/26/12

User Info: Songi

3 years ago#15
All of us in this thread are the SELECT few enjoying this game. Anyone that would say contrary is simply by definition butt hurtz.


I was discussing classic GTA moments of old games before this game released, and this game has too many classic elements that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

I still remember dialogue from the O.G. GTA... and this game as well.

I just want my payphone. I'm like Trevor. Proto-hipster. I want the loonies to make another appearance too... And some Krishnas.
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User Info: snake_dante44

3 years ago#16
Sabahe posted...
Mine would be "Whats my name B!tch!"

lol this one too, also the "Ahhhh motherf*****!!" and "s***d***!!"

Well, I also like the way they scream when they get shot and die, they all sound so funny. This is why I love doing survival... never get bored of them enemies, especially the fat ones.
PSN: snake-dante_44

User Info: Yarnball289

3 years ago#17

lol He's in every friggin mission! XD Immortal son of a gun...
"Ask and you shall receive."

User Info: gozips30

3 years ago#18
"Hey a**hole, it's time to get shot!"
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User Info: percocet10

3 years ago#19
Yarnball289 posted...

lol He's in every friggin mission! XD Immortal son of a gun...

This. And...

"Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like.. your opinion, man." -The Dude
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User Info: ksteward84

3 years ago#20
"Look at this dipsh*t..."
I love kosher, kosher loves me. We're lovers. <3
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