Everyone has a tank nowadays

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User Info: 360Chambers

3 years ago#1
Seriously its ******** annoying, I get in to a firefight with a guy, I start whooping dat ass, then he gets his tank and blows me to hell.
Not cool man, Anyone wanna give me one to so I could keep up?
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User Info: shadyelf

3 years ago#2
Memorize the spawn points. I know 3 in LS: police station on west side, near pier on beach, and vinewood (front of oriental theater)

User Info: psnSHAHSHANK

3 years ago#3
I can give you one.. but it'll be like me ordering my tank and letting you have it. so only when I am in your lobby I can. add me. next time some jerkwad doesn't like you blowing him all the time and gets a tank to blow you..

I can stop by the lobby drop a tank off and be on my way with my bad self.

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User Info: Tmk

3 years ago#4
I've yet to buy one even though I could have a long time ago.

I feel like the main use I'd get out of it, is randomly giving it to other people/putting it into a crowd.

...but since there's already so many obnoxious tanks in freeroam stinking stuff up, doing that wouldn't be terribly interesting.

Except for when I have placed 5 stickies on the tank to give it a sort of "killswitch" for me to decide if and when to push. Though since Survival sticky/grenade pickups no longer can fill your supplies to max, I don't see me pissing away 5 stickies like that very often, if at all.
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User Info: U_J

3 years ago#5
The usual pattern is - I'm in the lobby with a friend or two, someone kills us unprovoked, they get killed repeatedly. They get a tank, we have some fun with it on foot or get our tanks. They die, then die repeatedly, then go in passive mode, then still die, then leave.

Last night was a super-successful session where 2 players had tanks and were trying to grief us, we figured only 1 tank was necessary and proceeded to destroy their tanks then kill them on foot until they went into passive mode. They were also sneaking in/out of passive mode but never got a sneaky kill on us. Killed them with the chopper blades multiple times as they hid atop of rocks in passive mode.

Soon everyone will have RPGs though so hopefully these tank incidents will be over a lot quicker. But it's always the same ****, kill them, they go in passive mode and run.

Oh and I didn't know until last night that tank drivers no longer get charged for destroying your personal vehicle. Lol.

User Info: Troika19

3 years ago#6
I don't have a Tank :(
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User Info: ShenLongKazama

3 years ago#7
Troika19 posted...
I don't have a Tank :(

You want one? :D

User Info: Spring Rubber

Spring Rubber
3 years ago#8
Last night, a guy was hiding in a tank to protect a $9,000 bounty against him, so I called in a mugger. The mugger pulled the driver out of the tank and actually managed to drive away in the tank before the driver could react. The driver was left there on foot, so I ran him over and collected the bounty.

$1,000 cost to collect $9,000 and a barrel of laughs? You better believe it was worth it!
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User Info: agentspoon

3 years ago#9
Had one guy hiding out a Bounty in a Sub.

That was until I strapped my Sub with C4 and Jihad Jeep'ed him.
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User Info: Startech_Viper

3 years ago#10
Funny thing about tanks, I encountered my first one yesterday. Caught me as I was coming out of LSC. At first I tried driving around in circles throwing sticky bombs at him. That didn't work. I somehow managed to get in a spot he couldn't get to me somewhere around Vespucci beach. Needless to say, I got my revenge!
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