How to troll people when you have a bounty.

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User Info: PS3_IS_BEAST

3 years ago#1
1. Have passive mode on as much as possible, if you have passive mode on when someone puts a bounty on you it wont turn it off.

2. Go to a populated area and stand on something slightly evevated so people cant hit you with their car.

3. Middle finger taunt.
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User Info: xXTORPEDOXx

3 years ago#2
lmaooo i gotta try this next time
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User Info: ThrillKillFan

3 years ago#3
LOL I'm gonna have to have my one buddy put a bounty on me after I put on passive mode to see if that works. It'd be awesome to be able to be a moving target in an open game with a bounty but having passive mode on so no one could kill me unless they run me over.
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User Info: Rowde

3 years ago#4
A couple ppl have done this to us but we can be surprisingly persistent. I have a new thing to try out to counter passive mode. Won't be testing it out for a few days though.

User Info: GOTaSMALL1

3 years ago#5
Two things I had great fun with the last two hacked bounties i had on me.

1) Use the Playlist trick to teleport around the map. Go to Paleto Bay... watch all the white blips start moving that way... as they get close... wooooosh... teleport to the airport. Grab a helicopter... fly around over the ocean. Watch all the white blips go to an airport or helipad and start getting close again... woooosh... teleport back to Mount Chilliad. Rinse and repeat. YMMV... but I really enjoyed that one.

2) The last one I had happened to get set on me while I was actually in a plane. Called Lester for Off Radar... fly over my apartment... parachute down and stood on the roof in the exact spot where the house icon is. Watch the all the white blips converge on my apartment and wait for me to come out... while the few with mics were telling me that I couldn't collect it in my apartment... but if I would come out they would split it with me. That provided a ton of fun that made standing in one place for 45 minutes worth it. And the reactions when I survived the bounty were priceless.

Too bad we're apparently done with billion dollar bounties... they were a lot of fun.

User Info: G-Ziss

3 years ago#6
Wouldn't they still be able to kill you with explosions though?
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User Info: yankees12345

3 years ago#7
G-Ziss posted...
Wouldn't they still be able to kill you with explosions though?

nope explosions don't work either when you are in passive mode.
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User Info: ksteward84

3 years ago#8
A few people that I play with regularly like to hop on a train and just wait for people (we put the bounties on each other, 3 bounties all together is more enticing). The only way they're at an advantage are tanks at the right angle.

One time I put 5 stickies along the train tracks and blew the train up period.
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User Info: Arrowsedge89

3 years ago#9
I just get into a helicopter and fly all the way up and then make it look as though I am cruising around on the streets. It's hilarious when people are yelling on the mic at eachother because they can't find me. Was especially funny when I had a 1 billion bounty on my head.
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User Info: Strong_Zero

3 years ago#10

Get bounty, Grab Cargobob, lift Simeons currently wanted car, and sit on max height with both a bounty and a i priority item...follow roads and make people freak
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