What is your current level, and how did you get there?

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  3. What is your current level, and how did you get there?

User Info: General_Mitsua

3 years ago#1
See topic. - Results (375 votes)
Level 1 - 19
7.73% (29 votes)
Level 20 - 39
15.73% (59 votes)
Level 40 - 59
12.27% (46 votes)
Level 60 - 79
14.13% (53 votes)
Level 80 - 99
10.67% (40 votes)
Level 100 - 149
28.53% (107 votes)
Level 150 - 200
4.53% (17 votes)
Level 200+
2.4% (9 votes)
Level 500+
0.27% (1 votes)
Level 1000
3.73% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So I was curious what level the average Gfaqs member is.
I, myself am currently lvl 135 well on the way to 136. Got there by playing the game, occasionally doing a triple run of Coveted. Never grinded races, but whenever the multi-armored-truck glitch starts, I'll try to get as many as I can.
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User Info: Copyright2011

3 years ago#2
Im a level 35. Got there by doing missions, robbing stores, killing people. When i had all that free money i took advantage of it and did lots of deathmatches. Leveled up a lot that way. Was nice not having to worry about buying ammo and armor since i was rich.
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User Info: Lexandra1

3 years ago#3
I'm almost 21 and get there by doing many of the regular things (except missions, have no many to play with, and solo isn't that much fun). But my favorite action is to pissing cops by flying low over the impound/police station with a random copter.
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User Info: kuter

3 years ago#4
103, been playing since 1 week after release.

User Info: Yunthor_HnC

3 years ago#5
I'm level 96. I've been playing since the servers stabilized. Most of my leveling has been missions with friends. I've also gained a decent number of levels running player-made content for the thread.
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User Info: wolfdog123

3 years ago#6
I'm a level 176. Got there by doing missions, robbing stores, killing people.

been playing since the beginning its like Rpg you have to grind it.

User Info: Chrunchip

3 years ago#7
157 since release date all legit except 4 lvls – tried the hover glitch one time from 117-121 just to obtain the mini-gun. since than just playing missions and other legit modes when friends invite me. However i have never glitched again.
"You are not realizing that you wont level up if all you do is "messing in freemode"
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User Info: bnarmz

3 years ago#8
Level 78. I do missions/jobs, gang attacks, armor truck/store robberies, car sales, crate drops, and abuse the police.

User Info: lordraizon

3 years ago#9
lvl 60, mostly grinding boneyard and now coveted. Ive also done lotsa parachuting, robbed all the stores and some missions. Ive only been online since the begining of december. I wanted to obtain all the regular trophies before I got online and got hooked. So Im on the right track to getting that ever elusive platinum. If you grind coveted or boneyard like me, add me, same as my sig. Just leave a quick text in the add. Oh and lvl 60 is the lvl to get the grenade launcher. I love that thing.

User Info: ShadowGandalf

3 years ago#10
Only 11. I've not played much. I got there by engaging in a few missions, races, and a deathmatch or two. I only have just over $300k, most of which was the gift from R*.
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