Funniest thing you have seen playing online ?

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User Info: btr1965

3 years ago#1
I was in the woods on top of a mountain with a bounty on me all of the sudden I see this guy in a cargo plane coming right at me I ran fast and he crashed right into the mountain ..massive explosion and instant death for that dude , it was some funny stuff !!
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User Info: jazztronaut

3 years ago#2
yeah, but i almost had you, dude.
its a long way to go when you don't know where you're going...

User Info: Yuna0103

3 years ago#3
Hanging out in your apartment, while a tank griefer sits outside shooting at your building. Then, you call a mugger on them and sit back and watch the events unfold on your television. The mugger runs up, jacks the guy's tank, and then drives off.
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User Info: disneyland5

3 years ago#4
When people blow their own cars up in the Races. The regular races not GTA races. Lol. I mean how do you do that? Are you such a bad driver that your car explodes lol. I'm just racing like usual and then behind me I see peoples cars exploding and I'm laughing my butt off.
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User Info: Swiftshark

3 years ago#5
I once saw a guy plummet to his death by jumping out of a chopper and then the chopper crashed ontop of him for dramatic effect. I swear somewhere out there James Cameron was smiling...
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User Info: SHAD0WC0BRA

3 years ago#6
Host a race in the Hills and put it on rainy. The BK randoms who join will fly off the sides of the road and explode.

User Info: CTLM

3 years ago#7
Back when the Mechanic was his "wild and wacky" unpredictable self, my friend called for his car, and it was delivered.

The Mechanic, going full speed, ran him over. Just completely obliterated him

User Info: Spdwyblu05xrun

3 years ago#8
Watching anyone on fire.
Mr. Harding feels very peculiar.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#9
My friend called a mugger on a tank griefer, the mugger stole his tank and just kept driving around the block as if taunting the griefer.
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  3. Funniest thing you have seen playing online ?

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