So Rockstar is generius enough to give you a FREE GAME

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User Info: dataDyneSoldier

4 years ago#1
...and you people are attacking them for it!

Grand Theft Auto online is free. If it stays broken forever, it's always been a gift from Rockstar and they owe you nothing. You didn't pay for GTA Online. So stop complaining.
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User Info: Locke4382

4 years ago#2
Crap, I paid for my copy of GTA5, where did you get a free one?

User Info: LovecraftUK

4 years ago#3
It wasnt Free! Things are never free.

User Info: hakmiya

4 years ago#4

User Info: Gnarly_B

4 years ago#5
Actually I paid for a game assuming I would get both single and multiplayer. Seeing as that was advertised in the trailers and is also one the disc box.
Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

User Info: BlueThunderWolf

4 years ago#6
Horrible topic.
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#7
Wait, people were getting GTA V Free?! O.O

FML :|
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If you believe used games are the industries problem, then you sir or ma'am are a fool.

User Info: VanDam

4 years ago#8
Ive already put in 12 hours in GTAO. Im happy.
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User Info: TallgeeseIIII

4 years ago#9
Yeeeeah, he may be trolling... I'd just like to point out that the back of the GTAV box DOES say "Xbox Live, Online Multiplayer 2-16, Co-Op 2-16"

So... unless there's ANOTHER multiplayer component of the game we ALL weren't aware of... This is it, it was marked on the product, we did pay for it.
GT: TallgeeseIIII

User Info: sinisterorion

4 years ago#10
Man, and here I am paying full price for GTA 5 like a chump.
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  3. So Rockstar is generius enough to give you a FREE GAME

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