What car is the entity based off of?

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  3. What car is the entity based off of?

User Info: AlucardArikado

4 years ago#1
Only thing that comes to mind is the koenigsegg agera r

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User Info: Mander1861

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Nyangasm

4 years ago#3
I'd definitely say it's a bit of Koenigsegg CC8S mixed with an ever so tiny bit of Porsche Carrera GT (the part that covers the engine bay) with Lamborghini Aventador taillights.
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User Info: Purple_Cheetah

4 years ago#4
Tbh all koenigsegg models look the same to me. There's differences here and there ofcourse, but for the most part they're the same thing, with changes in power and weight.

User Info: Lerp85

4 years ago#5

That was hard huh. LOL
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User Info: menalaos1971

4 years ago#6
Paint it matte black and it looks like a batmobile (michael keaton one, not christian bale). 8)
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  3. What car is the entity based off of?

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