Which car do you find yourself driving most?

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User Info: GearKnight

3 years ago#41
Elegy RH8 w/ 20% Armor, Roll Cage and Bulletproof Tires

The thing is a frigin BEAST!
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User Info: aragorn00148

3 years ago#42
XBL GT: ClearFlame5335

User Info: CloudSFF7

3 years ago#43
My Hexer motorcycle

Thats mainly due to my crew being called The Lost MC of SA.

As cars go though,i drive my elegy alot.I've upgraded it alot,it's got turbo charger on it etc.I find it's fiarly good on speed but more importantly got good traction and since i do alot of racing i find traction to be a key componant.
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User Info: Lapanui

3 years ago#44
I don't have very good vehicles to be honest.

I bought an Akuma, I really like the look of it, it's also pretty good in races, mainly races that aren't long straight roads as it has the best acceleration.

I bought a Hexor, I went with a biker look for my bounty hunting. Just thought it would be cool.

I also have a Zion Cabrio. Just found it, thought I might just take it. I did have a Felon GT, but forgot to insure it and some a***hole blew it up...

Out of those vehicles, I use my Hexor the most. I like roaming around, collecting bounties with my sawn-off shotgun. Just wish I had a choice in taking my helmet off while riding it, I look stupid wearing one...
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  3. Which car do you find yourself driving most?

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