There's no way you can be a level 70+ and still have a life.

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  3. There's no way you can be a level 70+ and still have a life.

User Info: SelectGender

4 years ago#11
Not necessarily, some people have played barely more than 15 hours since launch but are ranked 100+. Rooftop Rumble boosting leveled up players at an incredible pace. I'm not surprised that they haven't played much since.
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User Info: Counterpwnt

4 years ago#12
Counterpwnt posted...
StathamAttack posted...
It is impossible since you rank up so painfully slow in this game.

I play this game an hour or so a day, maybe two hours if I feel like putting off real life responsibilities and even then I feel like I play to much , and I've been going at it maybe 4 or 5 days a week and I'm only level 35.

And it's not like I just dick around, I do missions, races the whole nine yards ,but when I see people level 70, 80, 90, hell I saw a 118 there is no way you can justify that without saying "my life is dedicated to GTA:O and I do not do anything else".

Madness to be that high, no way they have jobs or go to school or have friends or people who care about them.

I agree with you. That said, last night I grinded "Down the Drain" about 10-20 times and went from level 42-45 in about an hour. I'd get about 25% of the required RP every time I did a lap or finished a race. Also banked about $50K, which was a nice bonus. I think I could be level 70 if I just did races over and over by now, but I agree that level 90-100 does seem kind of "no life" ish.

Please no one do the math and figure out how rarely I came in first, second, or third. I was tired, and kind of phoning it in. XD
Gamertag: Counterpwnt

User Info: pyromania86

4 years ago#13
bombsonyourmoms posted...
Anyone who was playing before they nerfed restart can be level 100+ without having that much time invested into the game.

This. I think I am level 71 and hold a full time job and relationship.

User Info: RazielParadox

4 years ago#14
Level 81. I work, go to school, and have an on and off relationship.
The Eternal Eclipse. GT Eclipse Aeterna

User Info: TheKyubi

4 years ago#15
Just cause spending all your time playing games doesn't mean you have no life.

Isn't life about doing what you like?
PSN: TzEx0dus Xbox Live: Imm0ral Knight

User Info: Groves22

4 years ago#16
I'm level 13(?) and my marriage is ending. f*** you, GTAO!

User Info: SkunkyApe

4 years ago#17
BoloVic posted...
It's called criminal records. 10 levels in 10 minutes.

How do you get that mission and at what level?
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User Info: jman427

4 years ago#18
Restart and replay made it easy, and this insult was only funny the first 20 times I heard it after crushing punks with my tank and shooting down choppers with my minigun.

User Info: nickr2d2

4 years ago#19
It might not mean that you're a no-life, it's just that you might care WAY too much about rank and/or stats.
"In my country, Battlefield hacks you" -Battlefield Friends

User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#20
i am only level 62 and i didnt farm many of those high payout missions at the start either

but once i hit level 70, thats it. im filing for divorce and quitting my job

i hope i dont join TC's games. he seems like the kind of stat obsessed dude who would just stands there in the lobby looking at everyones stats and kicking out anybody with a higher rank or k/d than him until he's cherry picked enough noobs to play against.
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  3. There's no way you can be a level 70+ and still have a life.

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