What clothes would you like added?

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User Info: I have no name

I have no name
3 years ago#1
The current selection leaves a lot to be desired. I'd like:

-Hoodies with an open zipper so you can see your undershirt like with the other jackets.

-T-shirts that don't have absurdly huge V-necks

-Combat boots for women that don't have those silly heels on them.

-Being able to wear boots with jeans.




User Info: PvtPorkSord

3 years ago#2
Pinstriped pants and a cigar.

Seriously my guy is set with the pink shirt/pinstriped vest a fedora, tortoise shell RayBans and the MG with the basic drum mag looks like a tommy gun enough. Roll around in the classic super cars and it's badass.

User Info: LoneReaper115

3 years ago#3
The hunting jackets from SP

Vice City like clothes
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User Info: Dogconker

3 years ago#4
combat jackets
long coats
cycling lycras
skydiving jumpsuits
wing suits
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User Info: Timcatgt

3 years ago#5
Dresses for women, scarves, high heels, designer glasses.
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User Info: SkunkyApe

3 years ago#6
Ski masks.

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User Info: OliverQueen612

3 years ago#7
An all black leather jacket that is un-zipped. One you can add a crew emblem to on the front & back. I'd also like to rock my chain w/it @ the same time.

User Info: darealest47

3 years ago#8
Pittsburgh Steeler jersey
Terrible towel
Steeler rings
Pittsburgh pirates fitted cap
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User Info: joemoetoe

3 years ago#9
Denim shorts, boots you can wear with jeans, leggings, more variety of clothes and colors
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User Info: caffeinepirate

3 years ago#10
They can start will all the cloths already available in SP (like the gas mask!!!) and go from there.
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