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User Info: Nirvandy

3 years ago#1
I just so happened to run into a few randoms that had the same car as me so we drove around and took pictures and had a good ole time. Well after about 20 mins of hanging out I stole a car and got a 7k bounty on me. I thought well that's it im as good as dead. Well I then get a party chat invite and we all join (we didn't say a word before) and they said they were going to protect me.

So they were frantically driving around keeping me safe while more and more people tried to kill me. We made our way to the airport and barely escaped on the jet in the hanger. But then were we're faced with attack choppers following us. We made our way to sandy shores and found an attack chopper to try and defend ourselves. We lasted about thirty minutes into the bounty before I died by a sniper.

Anyway I wanted to share my experience. If you guys are bored just place a 9k bounty on a friends head and do whatever it takes to protect them.
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User Info: PvtPorkSord

3 years ago#2
Hold up in the stop-n-rob Behring the movie theater/tattoo parlor.

User Info: Gamerman1127

3 years ago#3
that sounds really cool. i totally wanna do that !
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User Info: Layk

3 years ago#4
This would be a cool gametype, protect the VIP.
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User Info: Cadillacmuzik

3 years ago#5
Cops N Crooks totally needs to come back Woot

User Info: Chinballz

3 years ago#6
Are you a bad enough dude?
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User Info: Nirvandy

3 years ago#7
I don't know how it would do in a game mode only because people seem to be too concerned about money payouts rather than the fun of the mission.

That being said I would like to see more interactive things to do in free mode besides killing each other. Something that gives people an incentive to help someone or teaming up rather than shoot shoot die.
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User Info: Brucebee

3 years ago#8
There was a similar game type in the first Saint's Row called: Protect the Pimp.

GTA just needs more team/co-operative job types.

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