What is your most listened to radio station?

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  3. What is your most listened to radio station?

User Info: imthestuntman

3 years ago#1
Be honest. - Results (29 votes)
Nonstop Pop Fm
51.72% (15 votes)
Whatever I lie and tell people I listen to instead of Nonstop Pop Fm.
48.28% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
You know its true.
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User Info: dot_hack_paves

3 years ago#2
Radio Mirror Park because the DJ reminds me of myself. Im a smug annoying hipster and proud of it. Love the music on there. If a song isnt playing on that station that i like then i make my way around the top half of the radio wheel. VBR and LS Rock radio usually have something decent. If not then Non Stop Pop or Los Santos FM (or whatever that rap station is called) will always have something good

So basically Radio Mirror Park and non stop pop are my most listened to. followed by LSFM, VBR, and LSRR
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User Info: freecom01

3 years ago#3
wow what a poll

my game tells me that my most listened to radio station is Soulwax FM, so yeah.

User Info: Wabacabaca

3 years ago#4
There's one song I like on there and a couple that are just okay but most I can't stand. Kind of like with Radio Mirror Park except that only has one song that I ever bother listening to. My most listened to is Los Santos Rock Radio but I really just pick based on the specific song playing. The Space 103.2 station is in close second though.
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User Info: Gamer-Chris

3 years ago#5
You're right. None of us could possibly have a differentiating preference.
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User Info: ninjaman148

3 years ago#6
Rebel Radio yehaawwww
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User Info: caveman0887

3 years ago#7
imthestuntman posted...
You know its true.

If you like nonstop pop that is cool, no need to act you don't

User Info: Blitz4532

3 years ago#8
If there is just ads on LS Rock Radio, then either Non Stop Pop, West Coast Classics or FlyLo FM.
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User Info: aDomination

3 years ago#9
Non-Stop or VBR
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User Info: NYY11

3 years ago#10
Red Bull New York
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