GTAO - RP and Cash Payout guide (TU - 1.12)

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User Info: ThaiGold

3 years ago#31
ThaiGold posted...
AnaConda1114 posted...
Yea, you're missing missions

BOTH docks to stocks are missing
Docks to Stocks are coop missions as well as Method. These are solo missions only.
If anyone would like to take on the seemingly impossible challenge of gathering all the data for ALL of the coop missions as well like was done here for all of the solo missions, it would be easy enough to add into this. It earned me quite a chunk of cash gathering the data you see here while having fun at the same time. I have been trying myself for the coops and still have many of them that I have not even been able to play.

They're just mad cuz they'd rather complain about something being outdated then actually doing the work to update it. Now it's not only updated, but the data can also be maintained for future changes. I considered making the spreadsheet public to edit, but am still new to GoogleDocs and would just like to understand the editing/verifying that would be required so it doesn't end up like Wikipedia with their Unicorns (good laughs Colbert). So what they are arguing about now is just complaining for the sake of complaints. Keeping this organized however is a different story that will require not only the mods but also the community.

User Info: ThaiGold

3 years ago#32
LiqiudusSnake posted...
Thanks Thai

I'm not understanding all the haters here... we go out of our way to put this info out there to make getting paid easier without driving yourself crazy with the same RR / Coveted run over and over and this is the thanks we get.... yep it must be GameFaqs alright...
Just know the haters have no problem coming in just to hate. The ones this helps we will likely never hear from and that's just the way it is. For every complaint, there's 10 instances where someone comes in, looks at the info they want and leaves with no comment.

User Info: Thorn669

3 years ago#33
We need a copy of this on the PS3 GTA Online board. We still have the 1.04 version.
it's only the end of the world again

User Info: LiqiudusSnake

3 years ago#34
Thorn669 posted...
We need a copy of this on the PS3 GTA Online board. We still have the 1.04 version.

When you see me quote someone with no other text, that's when your topic wasn't even good enough to warrant me using my keyboard.

User Info: Thorn669

3 years ago#35
That was quick. Thank you!
it's only the end of the world again

User Info: LonnyJohnson

3 years ago#36
1.5 mil most I've ever had since the hacked GTA $ haven't bought any shark cards.
Lonny "OG Booty" Johnson

User Info: billyriz

3 years ago#37
Been using this guide today thanks, got bored of rooftop rumble so done all the ones that are 10g plus and stopped when it was time for Rooftop Rumble
Xbox GT: x B1llyth3kid x

User Info: LonnysMother

3 years ago#38
Nice post, TC!
Nora "big booty" Johnson.
I have no tolerance for people who speak ill of the autistic, as I have an autistic son.

User Info: ThaiGold

3 years ago#39
I have added 4 of the 8 HL missions to the google doc and am still working on the other 4.
These are what have been added.

Crime Scenester - Lester - 20 - 2450 RP = $5,250
Master Data - Lester - 1 - 1875 RP - $3,750
Handle With Care - Martin - 20 - 2450 RP - $5,250
On the List - Martin - 18 - 2250 RP - $3,750

User Info: Nightcrawler65

3 years ago#40
I found an overview of the payouts on all of the new missions.

Master Data - Lester
Pay: $3750
Rp: 1500
Available: Rank 1

GTA Today - Simeon
Pay: Around 5K
Rp: Around 3K
Available: Rank 1

Denial of Service - Lester
Pay: $3750
Rp: 1730
Available: Rank 14

Hit ‘Em Up - Gerald
Pay: $2250
Rp: 2500
Available: 14

On the List - Martin
Pay: $3750
Rp: 1910
Available: 18

Artificial Scarcity - Martin
Pay: $5250
Rp: 2160
Available: Rank 19

Handle with Care - Martin
Pay: $5250
Rp: 2050
Available: Rank 20

Crime Scenester - Lester
Pay: $5250
Rp: 2180
Available: Rank 20
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