Whats every ones dream dlc/update for gta online?

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  3. Whats every ones dream dlc/update for gta online?

User Info: tommyvercetti444

3 years ago#1
Mine would be a few that would be tough to choose from as a favorite, A casino/gambling update (which may happen), the ability for higher level players to create missions to give to lower level players, and decide the payout and rp based on difficulty (within reason so as not to be abused) And as cliche as it sounds I love zombies and would love a zombie apocalypse lobby.
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User Info: Axedude87

3 years ago#2
Snow blizzards and sand storms, areas of the map like just cause 2s snow and desert areas

User Info: VexNoFace

3 years ago#3
Purchasable lights & sirens for PV's
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User Info: Peteisfat

3 years ago#4
The hunter from vice city and a motorcycle with a side car where the passenger can use an assault rifle or lmg
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User Info: Rizzman111

3 years ago#5
More clothing from single player, mainly leather jackets. Also a revolver.
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User Info: xmac15x

3 years ago#6
Rizzman111 posted...
More clothing from single player, mainly leather jackets. Also a revolver.

I second the revolver but also gang clothing and something to make the water more inclusive. Maybe underwater treasures like the special crates.
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User Info: chaoscontrol325

3 years ago#7
Trenchcoats. Know it won't happen, but still.
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User Info: Mr Sasquatch

Mr Sasquatch
3 years ago#8
I want a whole area that's similar to the world of The Road Warrior. People always say "This is GTA not _____" but I think this is the perfect game to implement random crap from major franchises and stuff to just screw around with. It's fun.

I want Godzilla.
More Aliens
Red Dawn

Etc. Endless list.

Oh and hang gliders.
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User Info: J_Phantom

3 years ago#9
More aesthetic customization's for vehicle's. Chassis colors, bodywork, different roll bars, working lights with the roll bars, different color head light's, variety of color's of tint, as well as tail light alterations.

Mansion's! With 20 car garage's. Make the garage something customizable. Have the placement of the vehicle's to be more "free roam" so that you can organize the placement of your cars the way you want them.

Yacht's with a helipad and scuba gear. This should include a designed interior with seating for the entire lobby. Have a high armor and heath attached to the Yacht so that it is highly difficult to blow up. This way you can have Yacht battle's 8v8. Defector's can fly over to the other Yacht or assassin can scuba in from underneath. This would need to include a jet ski boarding bay as well as a lock so that you can take a couple of jet ski's on the back with.

User Info: divot1338

3 years ago#10
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