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Any advice For a newbie or tips and tricks?

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  3. Any advice For a newbie or tips and tricks?

User Info: JustBuster

3 years ago#1
Hey there true believers! I just got this game around the middle of the month and I am really enjoying it, it's really fun but a bit confusing and has a deeper and more complex system then I originally took it for. So I was wonder if you guys could maybe explain some basics of how the system works, the Do's and don't to the game as far as leveling up and what's worth your while and what's not, also any tips and tricks would be great as well, thank you for your time.

User Info: ssgoku831

3 years ago#2
Well if you are just starting I suggest leveling up Ironman, Modern Black Widow and Modern Storm asap. You will be using them a lot on the especially during the 1st set of missions. Later characters I would level up would be Thor, Astonishing Wolverine, Modern Hawkeye and Juggernaut. For me most of the Dark Avengers are useless early on except for Venom maybe. Classic Hawkeye can be useful early on to deal with countdown tiles. I didn't really bother leveling him up. This is how I got started in the game. I'm sure there's many strategies for this game

User Info: JustBuster

3 years ago#3
Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it, anything else I should know? Oh yeah how does leveling up your character and their powers? How do the protect and Web tiles work? Do they have to be activated on the board (do matching the remaining colors of the rest of the tiles ( or do they become active instantly once they are on the board? Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if these are dumb questions..

User Info: verbalizeray

3 years ago#4
1 important thing you should take into account is that characters that have 3 abilities CANNOT be maxed out to 15 but 13. So make your choice carefully when training an ability.

User Info: Kangermu

3 years ago#5
Protect/Strike tiles are active on the board. Matching them makes them go away. My best advice would be to stick with your original three and level them up first. You may get some neat characters, but if you can't get the covers to level up their powers, they're pretty much useless. So worry more about your Iron Man, Black Widow and Storm and getting them up to a decent level. If one of your characters severely outlevels the others, all the tiles will be theirs (i.e. they'll be the ones performing the attack, and hence the ones vulnerable to being attacked) so take that in mind, or use it to your advantage.
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  3. Any advice For a newbie or tips and tricks?

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