hope it doesn't suck

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User Info: Sneaktip

3 years ago#1
i hope this game doesn't suck.
Get rid of the NFL's exclusive license

User Info: crypticzombie2

3 years ago#2
Me too and also not OverPromise and Under Deliver.
Old School Juggalo Hard working Nascar Fanatic/ Gamer

User Info: barrysshoes

3 years ago#3
Online kick feature already confirmed for public lobbies, so I'd say it's already going to be miles better than the previous 2 games. They have also completely re-vamped the AI, so hopefully that means no more single file follow-the-leader and stupid pit strategies. I think they also added tire temperatures for setups, so that should make things more realistic and more in-depth.
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  3. hope it doesn't suck

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