skill and rank of stores

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User Info: AkwehhKanoo

3 years ago#1
what do these even do? I can't tell any difference after upgrading a store or putting in higher skilled workers... Does it lower stock time, increase stock yield? I don't have any idea what the point of it is.

User Info: Theninja2004

3 years ago#2
When i increased the rank i think that the total amount of stock went up for that level. I haven't played any tiny tower or much of this though so im just guessing that higher skill will probably yeah decrease time i guess.
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User Info: light_rock_zz

3 years ago#3
Upgrading stock will increase the number of stock for all 3 products to the same extent you get after restocking one time. Unlike Tiny Tower, restocking time still remain the same even after upgrading, though you get increased stock. The restocking cost would probably still go up?

The more highly skilled the worker is in a SPECIFIC sector (Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, Imperial), the more discount you get off for restocking any one of the products. Skill level 9, the max, will get you additional 9% off restocking cost. The effect stacks for each worker, so max is 27%.

I'm a Tiny Tower player, but haven't tried Tiny Death Star because my phone doesn't support it...=( From what I know and gather, things are still mostly the same.

User Info: AlphusUltimus

3 years ago#4
skill does shorten build times.
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