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User Info: SarahDusk

3 years ago#1
Tiny Death Star Walkthrough

Who doesn’t want to own their own tiny death star? I sure do! Darth Sidious and Darth Vader are building a death star, and you are in charge of developing it to it's max potential. This is a great game you always have something to do, so you can play as long as you like, whenever you like. Here is some information and tips on how to play the game.

The game has 2 kinds of currency, Credits and Bux. You earn Credits by selling your stock on the various levels within the death star, and for completing missions. You can earn Bux several ways, finding bitizens, catching rebel spys, building new floors, giving a bitizen their dream job and occasionally when it's a bitizens birthday. It's rare but possible to get bux from fully stocking a level as well. My personal tip is save your bux for upgrading your elevator at least once or twice and do NOT convert bux into credits.

You have Darth Sidious bossing you around, giving you missions at every turn. You can see his purple icon on the top left of the game and clicking it will show what you need to do and how many credits you will earn by completing the mission. You can skip the mission by using Bux, but unless the mission is bugged and won't complete (which happens occasionally) I don't recommend it. You must complete the mission objectives after the mission starts. For example, if you need 30 Bitizens to move in, you must move all 30 in AFTER the mission starts (using a recruiting officer to move in bitizens WILL count towards this goal) but if you already had 30 bitizens living in your death star, they will not count for the mission.
You will also come across Imperial missions, which you can check by clicking the level under arrivals. This works similar to regular missions except the goals involve building imperial floors and crafting certain items from those floors. This type of mission yields a LOT more credits.
Holiday missions how in the top right, and you can unlock a unique bitizen, level and scene this way.

User Info: SarahDusk

3 years ago#2

Regular Bitizens can move into your Death Star in a residential level, and work in one of the many types of levels. After playing for a while and unlocking certain species of bitizens, they are able to move in as well. When you see a red icon with up and down arrows on the bottom left corner of the game, a regular bitizen is waiting in the elevator to be taken to a specific floor. They will tip you for doing so, and the tip will increase once you upgrade your elevator. The higher the floor, the higher the tip. Once you drop off the bitizen, they will decrease the stock or build time by 1 minute. You can force any bitizen to an imperial level to reduce the time, but you cannot do this with upper levels. Although doing this forfeits the tip. Bitizens name's, birthdays and dream jobs all appear random and it's unlikely you will find someone else with the same bitizens you have. You can see a bitizen's stats by clicking on them, and there you will see 4 different numbers; each representing their motivation for the 4 level types they can work at. The higher the number, the less time it will take to stock, so it's a good idea to evict bitizens who have low stats (like 2, 2, 4, 0 or 1, 6, 0, 4). However if you have a bitizen with low stats, but you have the floor which is their dream job, equipping a bitizen to their dream job doubles the amount of stock you can get, so it's better to have a low stat with a dream job rather than a higher stat alone. Of course a dream job AND a high stat is always the best, when available. You can also “dress up” your bitizen for free, or use a special outfit for bux, but this feature is purely for fun.

Unique bitizens (shown in the album)appear randomly. Occasionally you will have a “bitizen of interest” event, and once you find the selected bitizen they will be unlocked in your album. There is also a “catch the spy” event, which will yield 1 bux if you capture the spy, and 2 bux if they get away so you can “increase security”. These events show as blue icons on the bottom left screen. Once a unique bitizen has been added to your album, you will noticed them visiting your death star fairly often after-wards, and whichever floor you drop them at, a regular bitizen who either lives or works on that floor will occasionally post in the Holonet about it (a bit of humor in the game). You can choose to unlock these bitizens with bux, but you will find that just by playing the game they unlock fairly easily on their own. Sometimes you will see a “ ? “ icon for the elevator, that means a unique bitizen is visiting and you have the option to take them to whichever floor you want. Certain unique bitizens and floor combinations will unlock “scenes” (funny little cinematic) which you can view again in the album. If you take them to a business level that has stock, you will start a buying frenzy (a 1 minute long frenzy of bitizens rushing to buy items). As usual these bitizens will also decrease stock/build timer by 1 minute. These bitizens also tip a higher amount, so a good idea is to bring them to your top floor to maximize credits.

User Info: SarahDusk

3 years ago#3
(Bitizens Continued)

VIP's are another type of character you can use. They do not decrease your timer when delivered, but they are useful. You can store up to 5 VIP's in your Arrivals floor to store for later use. I suggest always keeping a slot open, and when you get higher in levels store up on Recruiting Officers.
A Big Spender will buy all of any one stock, giving you fast credits. It's good to use this on a fully stocked floor.
Level Mover will move any level for free (1 bux to move otherwise).
Recruiting Officer will move new bitizens into all empty slots in a single residential floor, it's best to use this on empty floors so you get 5 new bitizens instead of just however many empty slots you have. If you take them to a full floor, or any other type of floor, he does nothing, he won't replace the bitizens you have.
Supply Officers will help you get Imperial items for free, as opposed to spending 1000 Credits. If you have one of these in your arrivals area and you click the button to supply an officer, he will be automatically taken from our area and used. So it's unnecessary to bring him out and send him down to the level you want unless you're bored.
Celebrities will cause a special kind of buying frenzy, where instead of bitizens buying 1 stock at a time ( for either 1, 2 or 3 credits each) they may buy all items that are stocked (up to 6 credits for each bitizen).
Workers will decrease your stock/build timer by 3 hours. How you use this is purely based on personal preference and time management.
Upgraders will upgrade the rank of a business floor for free (normally 1 bux) which increases the stock amount of that floor. It's good to do this on floors with low stock first, but ultimately it helps out on all floors. I'd say where to put him solely depends on how often you check in on your death star throughout the day.
Decorator Droids are the holiday special VIP that will decorate any level (and yes, Imperial levels too) which helps with progress in the holiday missions. These are for a limited time over the Christmas and New Year Holiday.


There are 3 Different types of levels you can get. When building I recommend having a Residential floor every other 1 or 2 floors. Note that the floors you get are randomly selected so it's unlikely your friends will have the same floors in the same order as you. When you go to build a floor, you choose which type you want and it randomly selects one, or you can add 10 bux to your credits and choose the specific level you want. Make sure you even out your business floors, as an unbalance of floors will cause buyers to appear less often. Also the more levels you build, you will notice the construction area on the very top of the death star will change.

User Info: SarahDusk

3 years ago#4
Imperial levels show up in the lower part of the Death Star Here you can spend 1000 credits or use a Recruiting Officer and collect items (like rebel secrets) that take time to collect and then show up in your inventory. The inventory is nice and shows all the items in the same order of your floors, so if you moved a floor it's new location will show up in the inventory as well. These items are used to complete the Imperial missions, and are very rewarding with Credits. Once you run out of missions though, the Imperial levels are fairly useless unless you still need to unlock scenes.

Residential levels house your bitizens in the upper part of the Death Star. You can have up to 5 bitizens in a single level. In the upper left corner of the level you can see 0-5 little white silhouettes, representing how many bitizens live on that floor. If you have it full, you will see 5, if it's empty, you won't see anything but empty slots. If you see which floor a bitizen wants to go to you can scroll up to see if it's a residential and if it is you can scan through and evict a bitizen with low stats to make room for the new bitizen. You have to do this before you start moving the elevator, because once you press that button you can't do anything else until you drop him/her off. However if you move a residential floor to the floor the bitizen wants to go to, the bitizen with then change the requested level so this way of trying to cheat your bitizens into moving in does not work.

Business levels are where you put your bitizens to work. These are in the upper portion of the Death Star as well. This is how you will earn most of your credits. You'll see 3 boxes in the upper left of the level, an empty slot means no bitizen works there, a red X means that bitizen isn't stocked, and a green check-mark means that bitizen has stocked. You click a level and see which bitizens work there, and what is currently stocking or how much time it will take to stock. Of the 3 bitizens who can work here, the first one will take less time to stock and the third one will take the longest to stock (good to do before logging out for a while or when it's the only thing left to stock). These levels are separated into 4 types: Retail (purple), Food (green), Recreational (yellow) and Service (blue). Occasionally when you fully stock a level you will trigger a buying frenzy. TIP: When you drop off a bitizen from the elevator, if you have fast enough fingers, you can click the level and quickly order an item before that bitizen actually walks through the door and you will still earn the 1 minute off. Try to make sure before you log out of the game that you are ordering products from every floor you can. Practice good time management! :)

Scenes are cute little cinematics that appear when you take a unique bitizen (like Han Solo) to a specific floor (like Communications). The new update seems to show a movie clip for all the unique bitizens you can use to unlock scenes. There is currently about 27 scenes, with many more bitizens that unlock them. This is because many of the scenes can be triggered by more than one bitizen. For example: Communications (an imperial level) has a scene that can be unlocked by Han solo, Luke or Chewbacca. I have a list with some of the combinations I know of so far. Note that there are a couple different variants of some characters, and only using the correct one seems to work for most people. For example this list refers to Rebel Leia Organa, not slave Leia. Also take note that just because you get a “ ? “ does not mean you have that bitizens level required for a scene.

User Info: SarahDusk

3 years ago#5
Here is a list I've compiled through my friends and I who've unlocked scenes, this is generally highly requested so here you go!

Imperial Levels:
Interrogation- Leia or Interrogation Droid
Sith Meditation- Darth Vader
Tractor Beam- Obi-Wan
Superlaser Ray- Imperial Gunner
Blast Door- Obi-Wan
Communications- Han Solo, Luke or Chewbacca
Droid Lab- Leia
Detention Level- Luke, Leia, Han Solo or Chewbacca
Extending Bridge- Leia or Luke
Imperial Meeting Room- Darth Vader

Residential Levels:
Dagobah Apts- Yoda
Tatooine Apts- C3pO or Tusken Raider

Business Levels:
Watto's Wares- Jar-Jar, Pit Droid or Toydarian
Droid Store- Greedo or R5-D4
The Cantina- Han Solo or Greedo
Scoop of Hoth- Luke
Mos Espa Cafe- Gungan
Ithorian Food- Ithorian
Holochess Hall- IG-88 or Chewbacca
Holonet Cineplex- Chadra-fan (orange outfit)
Training Remotes- Obi-Wan or Luke
Mon Cala Aquarium- Mon Calamari (not Akbar)
Imperial Museum- Wcket (red hood) or Scout Trooper or Snow Trooper (so I've heard)
Bounty Hunters- Boba Fett, Gand, Dengar or Greedo
Cloud City Spa- Boba Fett or Han Solo
Trash Compactor- Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo or Luke
Panna City Medicine (Holiday Special Level)- Boba Fett (Holiday Special Variant)

When you click the Menu button on the bottom right of the game there are a few options.

Bitizens: Allows you to view all the current bitizens living in your death star, where they work, their dream job and stats. This is good when deciding who to evict.
Levels: A quick way to view all the levels you have and need. This is a shortcut to the levels part of the Album. They are separated by level type for your convenience. You can spend bux here to buy specific levels but I don't recommend that unless you're desperate.
Album: This has the levels tab, the scenes tab which shows which scenes you have (and can watch again) and the ones you need, and the Bitizens tab which shows which unique bitizens and species you have unlocked. You can buy them for bux to unlock early if you like here, but as I said before they unlock on their own.
Inventory: This shows all the items you have collected so far in your imperial floors.
Missions: This is another way of viewing your current mission with Sidious.
Holonet: This is a fun (but otherwise useless) feature where your bitizens post and like statuses similar to facebook.
Store: Here you can use your bux to either convert to credits (don't do this), unlock bitizens, unlock levels, buy random VIP's and upgrade your elevator. I HIGHLY suggest upgrading your elevator as soon and often as possible. It will go much faster and tip way better.
Get Bux: Here you can complete offers for bux, buy bux, or download a ridiculous amount of apps for free bux.

Holiday Special:
Decorating floors and completing these special missions is the only way to unlock the special Boba Fett, the floor Panna City Medicine, and the scene using both. It seems that many people are having problems with their missions reseting, or their decorations disappearing. This seems to happen when someone does not have a constant internet connection.

~~I didn't realize I could submit this in a file to this website until after I started posting, but on the bright side this information can be accessed while my guide is in queue.

User Info: light_rock_zz

3 years ago#6
Hi SarahDusk, great job on a basic walkthrough for Tiny Death Star! In fact, I have to admit it's of reasonable quality as of current state, and I do believe that it will improve overtime.

I makes me wonder though, whether in the future will I ever need to start work on my very own guide for this game? (I'm planning to start writing a guide for this game when I get more experience with this game. It'll include a very elaborate tutorial like my other guides on GameFAQs, plus my own strategies.) Or should I just leave it into the hands of you instead?

User Info: SarahDusk

3 years ago#7
Thank you! I'm horribly addicted to this game, and I looked everywhere for helpful tips on it and came up empty so I thought I'd just do one myself :) I've actually never written a guide before but it's something I've always wanted to get into since I'm a very avid gamer on every console. If you'd like to write your own that would be awesome, we can compare notes if you like and make one massively awesome guide :D

User Info: TheBillTM

3 years ago#8
Hoe I am not hijacking your thread but a tip I picked up is that when I am building a level you can go to the album and choose levels to see which is being built. This way I can evict people that don't have that as a dream job and hope to move some one in that does while I am waiting for it to be built.

Great walk through btw!

User Info: SarahDusk

3 years ago#9
You're absolutely right, I do that every day and I didn't even think to include it in my walkthrough, thanks for adding that :) Complete brain poof on my part, ha ha.

User Info: light_rock_zz

3 years ago#10
SarahDusk posted...
Thank you! I'm horribly addicted to this game, and I looked everywhere for helpful tips on it and came up empty so I thought I'd just do one myself :) I've actually never written a guide before but it's something I've always wanted to get into since I'm a very avid gamer on every console. If you'd like to write your own that would be awesome, we can compare notes if you like and make one massively awesome guide :D

Oh well, I'm quite clear that I'm not ready to write a guide for Tiny Death Star yet as of current stage (I just started on this game 3 or 4 days ago, after finally discovering a workaround when it is supposedly not available to play on my Galaxy SII phone). However, I've already written a Tiny Tower guide a lot time ago, and it's still being continuously updated (Albeit slower now due to no more new commercial floors in recent updates). It's already made its way right here on GameFAQs (And has even spread to Neoseeker), so many of my useful strategies for Tiny Tower can be found there as well! So far, as I played this game, most of those strategies in my TT guide also apply here, so you can head over to my guide to get some tips too! Just don't plagiarize my work if you decide to share them, please. =) Just remember the appropriate crediting to me haha.
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