ps3 to ps4 cross play for UEE?

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User Info: xxKRAZYCIVIKxx

3 years ago#1
Ok. Ive read mostly every topic I could before my eyes start to feel like they're about to pop out of my head. I played the living crap out of d3 for my ps3. Im fully aware that I can bring my save over to ps4. But the information that I cannot find anywhere on earth is...

When they release D3: UEE for the ps4 (which is what ill have come August) if lets say my friend buys it for the ps3 can we cross play like dcuo...or ffxiv?

Ive seen no topics anywhere on nearly any site confirming this or denying it. Please tell me someone has found some shred of evidence of a yes or a no.

Thank you to anyone. advance

User Info: Astroshak

3 years ago#2
Not an official source, but read in a thread here that the PS3 and PS4 versions are too internally different, so there won't be cross-platform play.

The two examples of games you cited for cross-platform play are MMO's. Diablo is online multiplayer, but not massively multiplayer. From what I understand, multiplayer on PS3 and PS4 is peer-to-peer (think Sacred 2 on PS3) rather than a "client connects to server, multiplayer game is on that dedicated server" affair found in MMO's and a few multiplayer online games.

While Blizzard is dedicated to using the same "" servers for their multiplayer stuff, so it should not be an issue with Diablo 3, speaking more generally, it is better to have the peer-to-peer nature rather than the dedicated servers if the game has no subscription nor other means of generating money after the initial purchase. White Knight Chronicles would still be multiplayer if the game was peer-to-peer, for example. Server shutdown is less a worry with Blizzard games due to how they have things set up, so IF they have it setup where you play multiplayer on the server, then cross-platform play would be possible (likely? No clue there), but from what I've read, that's not happening.

User Info: Terantatek

3 years ago#3
Doubtful. 60fps would give anyone on the ps4 a huge dps advantage. Getting 3.5 spells off right when 30 fps would hit about 2.5 spells, give or take input lag on both ends.
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User Info: Arctorus

3 years ago#4
In other words, TC, the differences in computing power between the two consoles would create a totally disastrous game for everyone.

It's basically like-plays-with-like. PS3+PS3, PS4+PS4, X1+X1, 360+360, etc.
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  3. ps3 to ps4 cross play for UEE?

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