Who is your worst nemesis?

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User Info: PuffPuffPastor

3 years ago#1
Whats his name? Title? Have you killed him? How many times has he killed you? What kind of enemy is he?

My worst: Karyan the Wrestler.
No, I havent killed him, I cant kill him. He started out as just a lucky Uruk who finished me off when I was going after a different captain. Every other encounter we've had he has slaughtered me. He's a spear thrower. And his spears are laced with poison. He needs to be stunned before taking damage.. but he always has this ENORMOUS entourage of Uruks following him. I get harassed by his henchmen, and then Karyan starts to throw spears. He's immune to ranged, and he's killed me over 5 times. He's now level 14.
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User Info: sundukes

3 years ago#2
I had the same type of nemesis, different name. My guy was PushKrimp the beheader.

I was able to behead him! It was tough, I had to run from him several times, but finally got him. You need to attack fast and stay close so he doesn't chuck his spear

User Info: johnnycigar

3 years ago#3
Mine was Tuka the Unclean. He killed me at least twice, and I killed him at least 3 times until ultimately I finished him off in the last main story mission,

His head was so scarred up and he was missing an eye by the last confrontation.
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User Info: ilikeprettygirl

3 years ago#4
For me; Norsko Meat Horder. He was also a lucky Uruk who got the kill shot on me while I was going after a different captain.

Since then, he has risen to power of 20. I have never killed him, although I have died in battle against him about five times. I should've killed him every single time, but usually another captain or two will show up, or, as I'm about to execute him, some jag Uruk comes from nowhere and changes my plans.

User Info: CoolioKDude

3 years ago#5
Bagabug the unkillable... seriously screw you bagabug, I'm so tired of hearing "RANGER!!! NEXT TIME YOU BETTER MAKE SURE I'M DEAD!"
Number of times I've stabbed QueenLUCiNA = 10
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User Info: Shiinma

3 years ago#6

Mentioned it in another topic. We've had a fierce rivalry the entire game.

User Info: batman404

3 years ago#7
My old friend.

Ratanak Skull-Splitter

My main nemesis throughout the entire game, and the final mission. He got that big metal eye patch from the first time I "killed" him (with an arrow to the face), and those black bandages after several thrashings since.

He killed me a couple of times, I killed him more (he also pissed himself and ran off a few times). He even became a bloody Warchief the last time he killed me, just after I sent him a death threat.

Our last encounter didn't go too well for him though...


I'm sure he would've liked what I did with his remains... he seemed to have a thing for piked skulls.

I'm gonna miss the bastard, we went through a lot together. At least I got a pretty sweet Epic Rune to remember him by.
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User Info: Irishguy23

3 years ago#8
Barfa of the Pit. One of the Warchiefs. Impossible. I've died like 20 times to him. He has a poison crossbow and he invulnerable to everything except explosions.

User Info: SpyDRfreeK

3 years ago#9
I don't currently have one, not after I FINALLY killed Barfa Taskmaster.
F***ing Barfa
he must have killed me about 5 times before I finally managed to sneak past his insanely huge posse of Uruks and assassinate his ass

User Info: Vaz126

3 years ago#10
Latbag the Grinder. First Uruk captain I ever encountered, only reason he's never killed me is because he has the humilator trait. After killing him so many times, he's now risen to a level 20 Warchief, and is currently immune to combat, ranged, and stealth. Has heavy and rapid attacks, only weakness is a fear of fire.
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