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User Info: ZeroarkX

3 years ago#1
Source: AppInvasion - Brave Frontier section - Elunix, Burr, Styr, and more

Q: I'm new to Brave Frontier (and these forums). Where do I start?

A: Welcome to the game and this forum! The game will throw a pretty self-explanatory tutorial at you that should explain at least the basics of this game. We're going to assume you know the basics and are here to find answers to the more nitty-gritty advanced stuff. If there's anything you don't understand, feel free to post about it here, but make sure that it hasn't already been answered! Thanks to our wonderful community we already have a plethora of resources available to make sure you get what you need.

Q: Where can I find detailed information regarding Quest Dungeons?

A: Details of the regular Quest dungeons part of the game's storyline can be found at (

Q: Where can I find detailed information regarding Vortex Dungeons?

A: Details of the weekly dungeons are available ( Details regarding Metal Parades can be found (

To be continued...
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User Info: ZeroarkX

3 years ago#2
Q: Where can I farm/obtain ________ (item)?

A: The most popular items people search for currently are the last two materials for the Muramasa Sphere (50% ATK Boost for turns 1 and 2), namely Guardian Eyes and Blood Pelts. Below are a list of confirmed locations where these materials are obtainable (though you may need a Thief Bracer Sphere equipped to get them), but please also note that you can obtain these materials in the weekly Friday Vortex Dungeon for Hostile Relics.

For Guardian Eyes:
- Morgan, Nocturnal Forest - The Hunter of Time (on the boss stage, repeatedly hit Lario)
- Morgan, Asekutt Wastelands - The Bewitching Tactician (on the boss stage, repeatedly hit Weiss)
- Morgan, Tower of Morgan

For Blood Pelts:
- Morgan, Shrine of Lystia - The Sword of Lightning Speed (on the boss stage, repeatedly hit Atro)
- Morgan, Destroyed Cathedral - The Peculiar Black Knight (on the boss stage, repeatedly hit Magress)
- Morgan, Tower of Morgan - Shadowless Creatures (on the boss stage, repeatedly hit Will)

Some of the Guardian Eye dungeons have not been provided as we don't know for certain which monsters drop them; what we do know is that they have very low drop rates. It's highly recommended to guard with 5 members of your team when you reach the boss and attack with only one to whittle it down as slowly as possible and increase your chances of obtaining one of these two key items. There have also been cases of chests in each of these dungeons containing these materials.

Other important item locations are as follows:

For Cure Materials (Green Grass & Green Drop):
- Mistral, Adventurer's Prairie - Monsters of the Prairie

When farming cure materials you'll want to target each monster individually and overkill it with all 6 units as much as possible. This is known to increase the amount of items the monster will drop and is your best bet to collect the most amount of materials in each run.

For Paladin Stones (Used to make Seals for mono-element squads):
- Town, Mountains

Paladin Stones can only be obtained from your Mountain by farming it (tapping it when it's sparkly), but you will need your Mountains at a sufficient level before they start appearing. Level it up with Karma at the Upgrades house in your town.

For Honor Items (Used to make various items like Revives or certain Spheres):
Honor items (drops, claws, pelts) are pink in colour and are only obtainable through gifting; that is, you must be given these items by other players. As such, it's important to add friends to your friends list and gift! Always try to gift people what they ask for and they'll surely return the favour.

More items will be added to this list in the future as we gather more information.

To be continued...
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User Info: ZeroarkX

3 years ago#3
Q: Where can I farm/obtain ________ (unit)?

A: Many units can only be rare summoned. Rare summons cost 5 gems per summon, and guarantee a 3* unit or higher. Especially for new players, early gem rewards should be invested in summoning new units to get yourself started.

Other units can only be honor summoned. Honor summons cost 200 honor points per summon, but are limited to 1* or 2* units (with the exception of Jewel/Metal creatures during special events). Of particular note is that the 6 starter units (Selena, Lance, Vargas, Eze, Atro, and Magress) are only obtainable via honor summon.

There are other units that are obtainable via capture. In addition to every 1* and 2* unit in the game, Zephu, Lario, Zegar, Weiss, Luna, and Mifune are all obtainable in their respective element dungeons in St. Lamia. Their appearance and capture rates are very low, but they are capturable. Other 3* units are also possible to capture, but this is exclusive to Morgan and St. Lamia maps. \

Lastly, there may be units that are only available for a limited time. Brave Frontier Global has currently seen 3 of these units, namely Stya (December 2013), Alma (January 2014), and Oboro (January 2014). We expect that three more units are to come, one for each of the remaining elements, but we do not know when this will be.

Q: Where can I obtain ________ (Nymph/Spirit/Idol/Totem/Mimic/Bat Mimic)?

A: Nymphs, Spirits, Idols, and Totems, Mimics, and Bat Mimics are material units that act as components to the evolution of other units. They have been ranked according to difficulty (easiest to most difficult by colour) and appear as follows:

Nymphs: Tuesday Vortex Dungeon - Paradise of the Fairies, Lv. 1
Spirits: Tuesday Vortex Dungeon - Paradise of the Fairies, Lv. 2
Mimics: Wednesday Vortex Dungeon - The Box of Desires Lv. 1
Bat Mimics: Wednesday Vortex Dungeon - The Box of Desires Lv. 2
Idols: Tuesday Vortex Dungeon - Paradise of the Fairies, Lv. 3
Totems: Thursday Vortex Dungeon - Ruins of Fire/Water/Earth/Thunder, Lv. 3

With the exception of Totems, all of the evolution units can appear in the quest dungeons:

Nymphs: Mistral - Appear randomly in dungeons of their element
Spirits: Morgan - Appear randomly in dungeons of their element
Mimics: Everywhere - Appear randomly from spawned treasure chests (watch the chest for a shake)
Bat Mimics: St. Lamia - Appear randomly from spawned treasure chests (watch the chest for a shake)
Idols: St. Lamia - Appear randomly in dungeons of their element

Please note that the spawn rates in quest maps are very low and encounters do not necessarily mean you will capture them. In all cases, we recommend going to the appropriate weekly vortex dungeons for your fusing materials, and the quest maps have only been provided as an alternative during the week for those who wish to attempt searching the harder way.

To be continued...
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User Info: ZeroarkX

3 years ago#4
Q: What are units types and why are they important?

A: We encourage new players to actually pay as little attention to unit types as possible as they'll need whatever they can get. A strong unit, even with a less favourable typing, can still be vastly superior to many others. That being said, Unit Types refer to one of five different "traits" each unit may have. Each provides its own benefits, and consequential downsides. The details of the five unit types are as follows:

Anima: +HP, -REC
Breaker: +ATT, -DEF
Lord: Normal Growth
Guardian: +DEF, -ATT
Oracle: +REC, -HP

HP refers to a unit's health/life points.
REC refers to a unit's effectiveness in recovering HP, both from heart crystals and heals from other units. This may also affect how fast Brave Burst is generated per Battle Crystal.
ATT refers to a unit's attack stat, and how much damage it deals.
DEF refers to a unit's defense stat, and how much damage reduction/mitigation it has.

Q: What are status ailments and why should I care about them?

A: Status Ailments are important as they add beneficial effects to the attacks of your units, or, harmful effects to the attacks of enemy units. Usually incorporated in single-target* Brave Bursts but also present as equippable Sphere effects.

*There is currently one multi-target Brave Burst that applies the Curse status ailment, namely Oboro's

Q: How Do I Level Brave Burst?
There are three types of BB's.

Attack - Deals damage to one or more enemies.
Healing - Heal's units over one or more turns.
Support - Buff's units.​

To level BB you need to fuse units of the same BB type.
Attack to Attack
Healing to Healing
Support to Support

Most popular BBLv fodder farming spots:

Attack: Mistral; Adventure's Prairie; Start of Adventure
Here you can net on avergae 2-4 of Burny and Friends(when they're not busy faceroll'ing our servers) for only 3 energy per run. They all have attack type BB's so they work great for any and all attack type BB leveling.

Healing: St Lamia; Blood Forest; Frail Spirit of the Forests
Here you can net on average 5+ Fairy per run at 8 energy a run. The highest concentration of healing units I've found. From time to time Blood Forest will be hit by a 24hour 1/2 energy event, making it only 4 energy per run, it's preferable to farm your healing BBLv fodder then.

Support: I've yet to find anywhere with a particularly high concentration of support units, Thunder stages in Morgan and St Lamia give a lot of Harpy's which can be used for support leveling, if anyone has a favorite support BBLv farming spot say so and I'll edit this to put it in.

BBLv is based off chance, not exp, so there's no guarantee you'll get your BBLv, You could get 3 in a row, or you could go 100 units without getting one.
As of right now it's believe elemental type doesn't effect BBLv chances or if it does it's not enough to be notable. Same story with fusing 1 at a time vs fusing 5 at a time, it seems roughly the same in most tests that have been done. Most prefer to do 1 at a time however.

Upon Evolving BBLv resets to 1 if leveled so leveling it before the unit is in it's final form will only double your workload.
It's advisable to level BB right after the unit evolves to it's final form before leveling it to save on cost. A 5* unit costs 8,100 Zel per Lv1 unit to fuse into it at Lv80, that adds up to millions fast if you're not lucky.

To be continued...
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User Info: ZeroarkX

3 years ago#5
Q: HELP! I don't know how to build my squad!

A: No worries! Make a topic asking for help, or head on over to (!

Q: I sometimes see the words SPARK or CRITICAL appear when attacking. What are these?

A: Sparks and criticals are two very useful features of the game that allow your attacks to deal more damage than normal. Here's the breakdown of how they work:

SPARKS occur when two or more units attack another unit simultaneously, within the same frame. The word SPARK appears and the damage of the attacks of all units participating in the SPARK are enhanced. Tips and tricks to sparking include measuring the distance between units, timing your "attack taps," observation of attack animations, and using units that hit multiple times. Mix it up and find what's right for you! Please be sure to watch the video in the help section of the game for a video demonstration of SPARKING. You'll also be rewarded with a Metal King!

CRITICALS occur randomly. Each unit has a natural Critical Hit Rate (or Chance) for each of its attacks. Chances of a critical hit are low, but like sparks, will enhance the damage of the unit's attack that landed the critical hit. There are Spheres as well as skills in the game that can increase a unit's critical hit rate. For more information, please see this thread.

Q: Where can I get future information about the game, units, and upcoming events?

A: Aside from Brave Frontier's facebook page, the Japanese wiki is a goldmine of information, especially about future units and the stats of their various types. Listed below are two different Japanese wikis; please be warned that these websites are in Japanese and may not show up properly if your device cannot display kana or kanji. Navigate at your own discretion:ブレイブフロンティア/ (this one is my favorite)

We recommend Google Translate while navigating these websites. It isn't perfect but it should be enough to get most people to some of the useful pages like the unit lists.
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User Info: ZeroarkX

3 years ago#6
That is all!

Please note: I take no responsibility or ownership of the provided information as a whole, but only in small part. TO access this information in whole and MUCH, MUCH more head on over to our site

See you there!

If not, see you here! :P
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User Info: infectedlegynd

3 years ago#7
Crazy helpful, I just got this game yesterday and I cant stop playing it! Thank you so much for answering just about every question that I had.
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User Info: WangTangSSJ3

3 years ago#8
This was awesome, great job! This should be stickied.
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