New patch has "daily login" as a new feature. Is it permanent?

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  3. New patch has "daily login" as a new feature. Is it permanent?

User Info: Takano_Miyo

3 years ago#1
I thought they were only adding it as an event for 500k downloads or whatever

User Info: HolyCrux

3 years ago#2
According to their facebook, it is permanent...

User Info: jackyhk

3 years ago#3
The 9 box lottery is permanent, I think. I doubt the gems daily (more like every other day) is permanent. Have yet to see any good prize from 9box, the best I have seen is probably 1000 honor points, and I only got green grass. lol

User Info: BladeStalker

3 years ago#4
9 box gets better over time though. Every 3 days you log in in a row, the rarity of the items increase. Eventually, we might see some good things there (maybe Gods and gems in rarity 9?)
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User Info: darglor

3 years ago#5
I'd be surprised if there was gems, since that would mean you could get 3 gems every 6 days if you're lucky. It would mess with their revenue too much!

User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

3 years ago#6
Its wouldn't really hinder their revenue, since the people who buy gems would continue to buy gems.

It just would help non buyers get gems for rare summons.

User Info: ThiefKorin

3 years ago#7
So far for the past 2 days I've gotten 5 metal kings as log-in bonuses.

Is anyone else getting this?
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User Info: windmastery

3 years ago#8
There will probably be a Gem on Rarity 9.
Even then, though, it won't affect their revenue too much because after getting something from Rarity 9, you will be bumped down to Rarity 8, meaning out of four days, only 1 day you can get a gem, or 1/4. Also, there will probably only 1 gem out of those nine tiles, meaning 1/9 chance.
From those four days, the chance of you getting 1 gem is 1/36? Hahaha…
Getting 1 in 36 six days should already be considered lucky.

I love this feature though. It keeps player interested to log in everyday. Wondering what Rarity 8 and 9 will offer since those are basically what we, daily players, will get.
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  3. New patch has "daily login" as a new feature. Is it permanent?

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