Do you guys ever get good honor summons?

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User Info: NovaWingz

3 years ago#1
Ive got 24 ready to be used tomarrow but ive never once got somthing ive really wanted

User Info: windmastery

3 years ago#2
Just today, I got Lord Zephu, Guardian Selena, Guardian Luna, and Breaker Mifune.
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User Info: Frayed_Edge

3 years ago#3
104 Honour Summons into my game, and the only non-junk unit (aside from occasional Metal/Jewel Units during the events) I've ever gotten was a Guardian Vargas (My 61st summon, too!) Hoping for Atro by 122. Fingers crossed!

User Info: beezer08

3 years ago#4
Anima Lance in 74 Summons
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User Info: Zembaphobia

3 years ago#5
I keep getting silly metal and gold units. I DID pull an Oracle Atro, though who I then evolved into Knight Atro and made my leader

User Info: infinitexx

3 years ago#6
Anima Eze, Breaker Zephu, Lord Mifune. From a bit north of 220 summons. I don't actually use any of them, but they're the notable ones.
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User Info: all-in-again

3 years ago#7
I've gotten pikeman lance and selena. Not terrible for free.
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User Info: EternalRaid

3 years ago#8
2 Selenas, an Iron Magress, a Luna, 3 Mifune's and a Weiss.

User Info: Johnny177

3 years ago#9
I got a lord Atro in the first day I play (I wasn't even know how excited I should be at that time). Since then I only got a Luna out of it. I highly recommend u guys use all your honor points today since the only difference tomorrow is u will get tons of junks

User Info: Bladeagle

3 years ago#10
3 Atros (anima 5*, breaker 3*, lord 3* )
2 Vargas (lord 5*, anima 3*)
1 Selena (breaker 5*)
1 Eze (anima 3* just got him fairly recently, working on him)

No Magress or Lance yet. I had 50+ honor summons before that last patch took it all away. Disappointed. Anyhow, been lucky with the types so far. I started with Selena (lord) too so that's nice.
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  3. Do you guys ever get good honor summons?

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