Now the starter event is over, what's your total haul?

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User Info: Lost Hope

Lost Hope
3 years ago#1
I got 4 total:

(L) Atro
(B) Magress
(G) Lance
(L) Eze

the only one I wasn't able to get was Vargas. The typing isn't great, but it isn't the worse either. My starter is Selena so I didn't bother during her time.

Overall, the # of starters I got is probably below average, considering I've ran 30 energy 3-4 times and 15 energy around 15 times. (I've level twice during the event). I've heard people got 4 starters in 5-6 runs...then again, I've heard people running 8-10 without one.

It kinda sucks since I was one short...if I had gotten Vargas, I would've have all the starters, but I can't really complain since this is 4 more than what I had before Friday, so all in all, I'm pretty happy. I hope they'll do something like this again, but I doubt it.

How about you guys? Did your luck fare better or worse than mine?
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User Info: ChosenOne217

3 years ago#2
I got one of each, one thing I didn't like atro the only 1 I had a problem getting was an O only( 15 tries), oh well, all the others were Anima, lords, and breakers so happy about that

User Info: SoulEaterTed

3 years ago#3
An Anima Selena which I wanted, then a Lord Lance and Guardian Lance. Wanted a breaker but guardian's not bad~
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User Info: beezer08

3 years ago#4
Just Vargas, which was all I needed. Tried once for a better Lance type than Anima, but no dice.
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User Info: jokrayz

3 years ago#5
L selena
O Eze
L magress
G Lance

and then i got lucky with honor summon during that time:
G magress
B Eze

So technically 7. :)
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User Info: lambchips

3 years ago#6
Magress G
Magress B
Margress O
Vargas B

I wanted Selena A too, but I never got Selene to drop
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User Info: BladeStalker

3 years ago#7
After loads of Vargas runs, my overall total was:

Anime Selena
Breaker Vargas

Only two I even cared about enough to try for. Got lucky and got the types I wanted to *glee!*
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User Info: DuFuq

3 years ago#8
Got 1 gVargas since he's the only one I need to complete my starter set. I would've tried for another type if he wasn't scheduled so dang early for me.

I should've also tried for Selena, I forgot that I have a dang oracle one :/
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User Info: BlitzTHedgehog

3 years ago#9
Very first run I did I got an Oracle Magress, and nothing I did after that yielded anything for me. Really only tried for Eze and Atro other than that, and both of those had at least one of theirs scheduled at an inconvenient time for me.
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User Info: ma7eo1

3 years ago#10
O Magress
A Selena
L Lance
A Atro

I already had A Vargas and L Eze so I didn't bother with them. Overall very happy that I didn't need to gem much at all compared to what I was planning on to get those types. I'd have spent 20 gems for the A Atro but got that type on my fourth run and can't wait until the 6 star is out for him/her... Probably 5-10 runs for each of those level 1 so I got a good amount of longs to fuse them up as well.
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