is it me or does jumping lag in mario challenges?

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User Info: luigi99099

3 years ago#21
I rainbow starred all 23 or whatever Mario levels. I didn't really notice any input delay. Played on the TV as well as only the gamepad. After seeing so many people complain, I might have to dust off the nes just to see if I notice a difference.

Edit: Just played on the SMB/duck hunt cart. Honestly, felt pretty identical to me.

User Info: Gage59

3 years ago#22
I noticed the actual virtual console of only Super Mario bros on Wii U seems off to me when jumping, the wii vc is good. This Nes Remix feels perfect no timing issues.

User Info: Sega9599

3 years ago#23
MaDmAtHiEu posted...
There is no lag in the game, your HD TV is the problem. I know that because I have the same problem. The solution: play on your gamepad or on a old tv


But he says he has the same problem on the gamepad. I dunno, I'd have to test for myself. On my part, there is no delay from on the Wii VC versions, I'm not sure about Wii U....
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User Info: InvadersMustDie

3 years ago#24
People aren't imagining the lag. It's there.... I could feel it immediately while playing on my lag less tv. The same tv I play other mario games on via Wii VC, the same tv that I play my 360 fighting games online with.... It's not a gamepad latency issue. It's a NES REMIX issue.

Edit : and after a quick search.... Here's a review where the guy singles out the SMB portion of NES REMIX for lag.

And in typical gamefaqs fashion, here's a guy raising the issue of the mario lag only to be told he is a liar and a troll or that his problem is with his tv.

User Info: wake_me_420

3 years ago#25
I'm not saying the people who don't notice input lag are wrong, however for myself I grew up on Mario and I can tell instantly the timing is off. Especially in the level where it auto-runs. As mentioned before, it isn't my TV as I have played VC/WII Emu versions of SMB which had no noticeable input lag.
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User Info: Drac_Mazoku

3 years ago#26
^I think you have a point there. The stages where I notice A LOT more input lag are definitely during the auto-run stages. In fact, the first time it jumped at me was the auto-run Remix stage with Chip-Chip on the air bridge (2-3 from memory). The lag was A LOT more noticeable there then on normal Mario stages (for exemple Bonus Stage 25. With 44 parts to do, if the lag was as bad as the 2-3 autorun, it would have been atrocious to do a 3 Rainbow there).

Please take note that, again, it doesnt block me from doing Rainbow Star (I now have all 612), BUT I can't close my eyes on this too. Its noticeable, BUT I will give to people that yes, it's even more noticeable during auto-run stages.
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User Info: Gage59

3 years ago#27
Strange, I almost wanna say that maybe its possible some of you that downloaded day one have the issues. I've beat super mario bros at 5 years old so I'm qualified to speak on timing lol, I'm having no timing issues on Nes remix it is spot on for me. now the wii u super mario bros vc timing is horrible It made me so mad, think about this though some of us are having timing issues on wiiu vc and some on nes remix Im thinking it could be a bad gamefile? Try redownloading maybe?

User Info: sdkess

3 years ago#28
What is interesting is that I played Rayman Legends and DuckTales with barely noticeable lag. This game is much worse so I can't really blame it on my TV or the Gamepad streaming.
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User Info: Bigmac909

3 years ago#29
I'm on the boat of people who have no issues with it, but it's a complaint I've seen a lot so there must be some truth to it in some versions of the game, whatever the reason may be.
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