Eye of the Storm (Protoss Mission 10 - Original Campaign)

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User Info: FearTheReaper

8 years ago#1
Anyone got some tips on how to complete this ? I keep getting massacred by the base rushes of 'lings and hydras. Also, is there some trick to dealing with the defilers ? They keep (effectively) mauling packs of my units with their plague ability, essentially making my units useless.

User Info: error_me

8 years ago#2
Been a while, but I think I used static defences to fully guard my bases in the first place, with a few pylons/supply depots placed around as an early warning. Once I had a decent economy going, I took both the gas (with Protoss) and mineral (with Terran). After that, I just nuked until the map started glowing and finished up with zealots.

Noob strategy, yes. Everyone else will probably be able to come up w/ something better, yes. But I just found that to be the simpliest and most effective for me.
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User Info: jothod

8 years ago#3
1) made static defenses at both bases
2) get a few observers to patrol in front of defenses to deal with defiler attacks
3) expand east from T, N from P... setup defenses there
4) start cranking wraiths and mining, make some arbiters
5) expand again, begin cranking battlecruisers and scouts
6) move giant airforce of battlecruisers, scouts and wraiths slowly and methodically through the zerg base annihilating anything they come across
7) focus fire on overlord after taking out some spore colonies in front of it..... win

User Info: fudawg45

8 years ago#4
This is the last level right? The one where you kill the overmind?

It's been a while, but I remember all I did was turtle up both bases big time, hording minerals and gas - pumping battle cruisers until I had... maybe 15? Maybe more.

Use your comsat to find the overmind. Tell all 15 to yamato cannon the overmind. Finish it off after it's close to dead. Game over. Sure, you'll lose some cruisers along the way, but it really doesn't matter; a force that large WILL win against zerg.

User Info: 666Dead

8 years ago#5
I think I just ran in with a fleet of BCs/carriers and sniped the overmind
The zerg can't kill them fast enough

User Info: FearTheReaper

8 years ago#6
Finally beat it last night. After setting up somewhere between 12-16 bunkers (can't remember exactly) loaded with marines (several of which had siege tanks in back, and missile turrets in front). Never really had a problem with defilers raping my stuff (might have been the siege tanks killing them before they did any really damage). Once I took control of the SW mineral deposits, I moved on to nuking the southern defenses, while simultaneously building up 1 group of BC, Carriers, scouts, and wraiths, and just moved them in and rolled up the defenses. Killing the Overmind took two minutes (including basically leveling the surrounding bases) once all the groups were in place; allot easier than i thought.

Now its on to the BW campaigns ! (and the infamous Zerg mission 8...)

User Info: SushiQuina

8 years ago#7
I think I just had goons, tanks and arbiters and recalled to save myself the effort of actually pushing through unsieging

If I played it now I would probably just push with terran units
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User Info: the_rowan

8 years ago#8
I used the strategy from the SDA run... there's a path to the overmind with almost no spore colonies along the southwest of the zerg base. Send a small army + heroes there very early (early is key, so zerg has few units) to kill the few spores and then you can hit the overmind with two nukes, killing it.
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User Info: aclichedboy

8 years ago#9
Wow people actually still have trouble with campaigns? I just carrier/bc'd the crap out of it cause I was feeling heaps lazy, but if I was serious I'd just reaver/templar/goon/tank/gol/sci vess/arbiter with a massive timeconsuming siege which would just get absolutely done by plague forcing me to just build bc's/carriers.

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User Info: Dn262seven

8 years ago#10
I just tanked/ cannoned up my bases with obs for extra sight for tanks, then played standard PvZ and rolled the Z over with zeal/goon/archon/templar
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