Stealth: Is it really that good?

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User Info: DaintyLegsMion

9 years ago#1
So, I'm just about through with Cloakwood Forest and I was curious if I was at fault by not utilizing stealth. I think that my only stealth-capable characters are Imoen and Kavin, but it seems sort of silly to stealth either of them. What's the point of making either of them, or anyone else, stealth and then Backstab or whatever else it is you happen to want to do. I might see using Imoen, IF she has some Strength. But, she doesn't. And Kavin: He can actually wear Plate Mail and other heavier armor. Why not use him as an archer (which I don't need; I have two characters that usually stand behind and shoot, not including my mage) or a tank?

I just suppose I'm not seeing the purpose or the method and situation you'd need to use stealth in. Help? Any advice or insight would be appreciated.
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User Info: RabidMidget00

9 years ago#2
Yes, stealth is very very good. It is not necessary, but it makes things much easier.

Kivan is a ranger. Rangers get stealth, but they can't backstab (unless they are the stalker kit added in BG2).

Imoen can be a decent backstabber. I personally always use her as a backstabber.

One thing you may not realize, but when you are invisible or hidden, then you get a 4 point bonus to your THAC0. This really helps pure thieves since their THAC0 is pretty bad.

Multiclassed fighter/thieves can do insane damage with a backstab. Since they can put more proficiency stars in a weapon, this means they do more damage, and that damage is also multiplied by the backstab modifier. A fighter/thief can do 50+ damage on a backstab, and over 100 damage of a critical hit backstab.

A fighter/thief can kill Sarevok in 2 or 3 backstabs. Seriously. That is the absolute easiest way to kill Sarevok. Walk up to Sarevok while hidden, backstab, drink invisibility potion, backstab, drink another invisibility potion, backstab, Sarevok dies.

Mage/thieves can do some really dirty tricks too. Mages get all kinds of invisibility spells. There is a level 2 spell Invisibility, level 4 spell Improved Invisibility, and in BG2 you get Shadow Door and Mislead and some other stuff too. With all those spells, a mage/thief can turn invisible at will. I always make Imoen a mage/thief, and she backstabs all the time.

So basically, backstabbing is awesome.

User Info: Korchuk

9 years ago#3
The Mage boss at the bottom of Cloakwood Mines who Dimension Doors around and casts Fireballs? I just backstabbed him before having my team go near him, dead in one hit, no battle required.

Any battle with a Mage enemy? It doesn't have a Mage now. Backstab is total ownage. Big reason to use Montaron right there.

User Info: RabidMidget00

9 years ago#4
^ Yeah, even in BG2: SoA , a single backstab will kill almost any mage. Mages hardly ever have more than 60 hit points or so.

In an unmodded BG2 games, mages typically don't start off with protections like Stoneskin so you can send in a hidden thief to backstab the mage and more than likely that one backstab will kill the mage. Easy as pie.

Of course, some of the harder mods make mages pre-Stoneskinned before you encounter them, so that tactic doesn't work as well.

But still in an unmodded game, backstab is the ultimate mage-killer.

User Info: Latronis

9 years ago#5
in the sequel an assassin with poison weapon and V's katana is a fun little trick too, you'll one hit kill just about anything even if it survives the intial backstab damage. Even most backstab immune foeswill drop except for the high end ones like dragons.
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User Info: whiteking910

9 years ago#6
Let me point out that stealth is utterly worthless in BG1. It's better to focus on open locks and find traps. If you want to backstab, have a mage cast invisibility on your thief. Easier, and less chance of being caught.

User Info: DudleyDragon

9 years ago#7
Stealth can be useful your first few times playing because you can do some scouting and be more prepared for enemies.

Later playthroughs people tend to remember those kind of things, so the usefulness goes down.
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User Info: RabidMidget00

9 years ago#8
Let me point out that stealth is utterly worthless in BG1

The ignorance in that statement is truly overwhelming. If you think stealth is useless, then you know NOTHING about stealth.

User Info: Blind_Assassin

9 years ago#9
Depends on playing style.
For certain styles, stealth can be totally worthless.
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User Info: RabidMidget00

9 years ago#10
^ That isn't what he said though. He said that stealth is "worthless in BG1" as in meaning stealth is worthless in the game period. True, it may be worthless to him personally, but to say that it is worthless in the game period is flat out ignorant.
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