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User Info: Kiko_Maruna

8 years ago#1
I've just started playing this game again, with Tutu and I had a game where I cleared Nashkel and had 6 people in the group.
I did some sidequests, but since I'm using 6 people they're all still like level 2 and Khalid was even level 1 up until very recently. It especially bothers me with the magic users, as they have soo few spells available. They're basically worthless at lower levels. So I want to get a few levels quickly. Maybe I'll have to start over again and make a smaller party, but I was also looking for some tips on where to get exp fast.

I think I heard something about Basilisks that you can fight well if you get protection from petrification and also about Sirens that can be fought with protection from charm. But I don't know where these creatures can be found.
Can someone please help me out?

Playing at level 1 and 2 is so boring as all you ever do is let the AI script say "attack" and then watch them miss for half a minute until all the enemies are dead. Would be so good to have a fireball to wipe out those kobold groups.

User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#2
Basilisks can be found on the map directly east of the Beregost temple. The lesser versions are worth 1400 xp, and the greater versions are worth either 4000 xp or 7000 xp (not really sure why there are two xp values for the greater ones...). Basilisks are rather easy to beat if you can protect yourself against petrification. Go to High Hedge and buy both scrolls of Protection from Petrification. Potions of Mirrored Eyes work too, but the scrolls are much cheaper and have a much longer duration. You just need to use the scroll on your main tank and send him in while everyone else hangs back with ranged support (or stands behind the tank with a long reach weapon like a spear or two-handed sword). Both scrolls will last long enough for you to clear out the whole map. Be warned though that there is a party of adventurers in the middle of the map that will challenge you to a fight. These guys can be beaten with a level 1-2 party, but it is difficult.

Sirines are found in the lighthouse map west of High Hedge. There are six sirines there, and they are each worth 2000 xp. Buy the Protection from Magic scroll from High Hedge. This scroll will last long enough to kill all six sirines. The scroll will protect against their Charms, which is their deadliest ability. However, it will not protect against their Confusion. Every time a sirine hits you in melee combat, you have to make a saving throw or be Confused. I am not sure why the scroll doesn't protect against that. So it is best to send in one tank alone like with the basilisks. If he gets Confused and starts attacking you, just run away.

There is also a cave on the lighthouse map that has three flesh golems inside. These guys are also worth 2000 xp each. Golems hit hard. Buy a Potion of Absorption from High Hedge. This potion improves your AC versus blunt weapons by -10. Golems hit with their fists, which is a blunt weapon. If you can get your AC versus blunt down to about -15 or so, the golems won't hit you except on a critical hit. Also, golems require a magical weapon (i.e. a +1 weapon or better) to hit.

In the flesh golem cave, you can find a treasure trove with the tome of Constitution (permanently improves Con by +1) and the wand of paralyzation. This wand is the best wand in the whole game. Learn to love that wand. It will paralyze some very very tough enemies.

If you want Fireballs to clear out kobolds (although I don't know why you would need this), then go to the Ulcaster ruins southeast of Beregost. You can find a wand of Fireball there. Even a level 1 mage can use a wand of Fireball. However, getting to that wand is going to be much much much much tougher than going through the Nashkel mines. There is a vampiric wolf in the Ulcaster ruins which also requires a magical weapon to hit.

User Info: TravellingJack

8 years ago#3
I'd like to add a little something from my personal experience. There is a wyvern nest in the Cloakwood, I believe. I went there, cleared out all the wyverns, and tried to rest. Every time, though, I was woken up by a wyvern. I fought about 6 of them before I decided to just leave. I can't remember how much they are worth, but they are easy to fight. I don't know if they are never-ending, but it's good for quite a bit of experience.
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User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#4
Wyverns are 1400 xp. And yes they are endless. Whenever you are interrupted during sleep, these are an endless supply of randomly spawned enemies.

The TC was asking for ways to get a lot of experience in the early game. You can't get to the Cloakwood until late in the game.

Wyverns aren't very good enemies for low level fighting either. They hit you once and you are poisoned and take a constant 4 hit point damage every few seconds.

Basilisks, sirines, and flesh golems are much more manageable for a low level party with the proper precautions (i.e. protection from petrification for basilisk, protection from charm for sirines, and potions of absorption for golems).

User Info: Costanza_K

8 years ago#5
Check out DSimpson's guide, he marks every single subquest you can do and you often get a good XP reward for it. And failing that you can try and clear some of the Ankeg in the region directly north of Friendly Arm Inn, but taking two of those at once will most likely overrun your characters very quickly. But like I said, do subquests.

User Info: saros_

8 years ago#6

Since you play Tutu, if you have a spellcaster protagonist, choose Find Familiar spell at character creation. Create a familiar. Avoid talking to Elminster in the Crossroads area (you may take an alternate route to the Friendly Arm Inn via High Hedge - Beregost - Crossroads (entering from south thus avoiding Elminster)- FAI. Use your Familiar after clearing a bit the Crossroads map to eliminate Elminster. He won't retaliate, and he's worth 26 000 xp.

The safest to find Wand of Fire is on the map north of FAI (ankheg-map). Use Invisibility/Sanctuary spell to sneak with 1 character to the treasure trove in the Ankheg lair (hole). Cast a second Invisibility immediately after looting the trove (or consume a potion), and walk away.

Sirines' attacks and spells can be rendered ineffective by the Greenstone Amulet (bought in Ugloth's Beard). It grants immunity to both Charm and Confusion. There are certain warrior and paladin classes which have activated or innate abilities that grant immunity to charm and/or confusion.

Flesh Golems are best killed by arrows +1 and good bowmen. If you rest inside their cave, more will respawn (this is an early xp gain, and safer than sirines too).

User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#7
Killing Elminster... so much cheese.

User Info: the_dracolich

8 years ago#8
Some people like cheese, all kinds of it :)
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