Getting this to run on Windows 7.

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User Info: So_White_Bread

7 years ago#1
Apparently most people have no problem with it, but I can't even install it.

When I click install from the autorun, it asks me to authorise that I want to install something from a CD, to which I say yes, and then it does nothing. I've checked the task manager, and there is no program running, but there is a process called "SETUP" which is, I'm assuming, the setup program for BG.

It doesn't go anywhere from there...

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User Info: Sahuagin

7 years ago#2
you could try copying the disc(s) to your hard drive and installing from there. also look for compatibility modes and try any of them that fit. It could be your disc is scratched or dirty too.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

7 years ago#3
I would recommend going to Bioware's website and asking this on the message board there. They know all about these install-type issues.

User Info: Dezhem

7 years ago#4
You'll need to install the game from Safe Mode. This applies to Tales of the Sword Coast aswell.
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User Info: BioStormX

7 years ago#5
You can do it without safe mode actually. I was trying to set compatability modes and it still wasn't working (On 64-bit windows 7) but then I opened the compatability WIZARD and told it to use recommended settings for setup.exe and lo and behold the installer started working just fine
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User Info: _CFloBucket_

7 years ago#6
Don't install in program files, yes I know, it's Windows 7 and all that, but just for the hell of it, don't install this game there.

- Start --> My Computer --> (C:) (Or whatever yours is) --> Right click and press new folder --> Games.

Install there

And you might wanna make a folder specifically for BG2/BG1. You don't need to make a folder for the separate expansions.

Something else that I found to be effective which is changing the paths of the CD's so it looks something like this under the Baldur.ini file

HD0:=c:\games\baldur's gate\
CD1:=c:\games\baldur's gate\CD1\
CD2:=c:\games\baldur's gate\CD2\
CD3:=c:\games\baldur's gate\CD3\
CD4:=c:\games\baldur's gate\CD4\
CD5:=c:\games\baldur's gate\CD5\
CD6:=c:\games\baldur's gate\CD6\

That's how I have mine set up, you have to copy all the CD folders in each respective CD into your game installation folder and change the path of the CD's.

It gets rid of the annoying "please insert disc _" dilemma most people have.
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