Level up hp question & items transferring to bg2

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User Info: austinm416

6 years ago#1
I bought the claw of kazgorath or whatever at high hedge which decreases con by 2. I have it equipped on Minsc right now so his con is temporarily at 16 from 18. Will his hp gain at level up be reduced from this?

And what items transfer from bg1 to bg2, I read somewhere that the helm of balduran & the claw mentioned above are, anything else?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Semele

6 years ago#2
His HP will be reduced, but if you get a potion of fortitude it will rectify that. (i.e. take the potion before levelling up, and he'll get the same HP as if his constitution was 18)

Not sure about which items transfer over

User Info: Zeran_kariashi

6 years ago#3
Your hp bonus from con is retroactive, the moment you lose con you lose all the extra hp from it, same for when you gain.

The only item that transfers (legally) is the golden pantaloons. I recall that when SoA first came out, you could get different items in the prelude based on what items your character had. Like the +2 warhammer Ashdeena instead of the Sword of Chaos. Though I haven't been able to replicate it after the patch (recently did a SOA only full patched run with an imported Fighter/cleric multi). The +2 longsword Varscona was also another.

Though, technically all your gear transfers except for a handful of items have share the same id (some wands, ammo, potions). If you don't mind cheating you can mod the game to not delete your gear or just remove it manually by pausing after the loading screen.

User Info: austinm416

6 years ago#4
That's what happens normally, but if you level up with your con being altered I think the bonus hp (or lack thereof) stays with you.

As for the items that can be imported I found this topic -

Check Lord Tiax's post near the bottom. It looks like you can get 3 items to show up but it's random which ones do, if they do at all.
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