Celestial Fury or Short Sword of Mask?

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User Info: rpj2099

5 years ago#1
I plan on playing through TOB with a solo Kensai then Dual Classing her to a Thief at level 13.

A few questions:

1. Do I choose the Katana Specialization for Celestial Fury or save some gold and purchase the Short Sword of the Mask?

2. Also, if I spend 5 points in a weapon specialization, do I keep them when I reach level 13 as a thief?

3. Dual Classing Advice: I was thinking Celestial Fury/Belm, Short Sword of Mask/Kudane, Short Sword of Mask/Pixie Prik, Celestial Fury/Short Sword of Mask

Which are the most effective? I also want to rp a little so please suggest weapon combinations that would find a good balance and I am not interested in using the Staff of the Ram

Thank you

User Info: tastendruecker

5 years ago#2
1) Whatever you wish

2) Yes, you regain the proficiency points spent as kensai when you reach level 14 as thief. I recommend putting proficiency points only into 2 categories before dualclassing (5 into katanas and 3 into dualwielding for example) , while you're a thief put the points into other weapon categories else they're lost.

3) Short sword of Mask/Kundane looks best since you only need short sword proficiency. If you have ToB, get the use any item HLA and enough proficiency points the scarlet ninja-to is the best off-hand weapon.

User Info: RufusCorvus

5 years ago#3
As an alternative, you can install the Alter Weapon Proficiencies component from the BG2 Tweakpack to keep the original BG proficiencies and not have to worry so much about micro-managing proficiencies.

But overall, Short Sword of Mask is more useful than Celestial Fury. CF's good for SoA, but there are enemies it can't damage in ToB.

So, SSoM/Kundane if you want short swords all the way through or Use Any Item with SSoM/Scarlet Ninja-to if you install one of the proficiency alterations.
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