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User Info: pumpkinhead1985

3 years ago#1
Hi people

My team

Bolt Mallet Elulu 5* lv 27 Breaker
God Phoenix 5* lv 10 Anima
Holy Master Aem 5* lv 59 Breaker
Pixy King Leore 5* lv 18 Guardian
Malnaplis 5* lv 35 Breaker ( Leader )

My rainbow squad for Mass AOE damage. Sometimes proven effective but sometime my hero are dumb not to use their brave attack and lose the battle...

What is best squad?

should i change Phoenix to God Larva?
Pixy to Princess Knight Edea
Elulu to Loch
or Alice ?
or just stick to max out their level????
(message deleted)

User Info: Tethealla

3 years ago#3
Replace Phoenix with Lava and Malnaplis with Loch or Edea.
Switch leader to Aem or Leore.

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