How to change large monsters!

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User Info: dasding

2 years ago#1
First: I am and were never a part of Kiranico. I only borrowed some of their information and gave them some of mine and they promoted my quests. That's it. I am now speaking for myself.

Now here comes the big reveal: How to change the large monsters in an existing Custom Quest?
Answer: You don't.

Let me elaborate: The game actually has all the monster that are allowed to appear in a dlc quest hardcoded somewhere different than the quest file and performs a check when accepting a quest. That's why changing them results in "invalid quest data". So how to solve this problem? There are two ways:

1. Use a quest id which was not intended to be used. If you use for example the quest id 60013 the game has no hardcoded monsters and you are therefore free to choose whatever you like. This is recommended and results in a perfect quest. But can of course not be overwritten by normal dlcs. Therefore if you want to delete these CQs you will have to wipe your mh4u extra data on your SD card.

2. There's actually a way to freely choose the monsters in existing dlcs. You simply place the large monsters in the small monster table, which is not checked. This method induces various crashes and is therefore not recommended (i choose this method only to let the CQs still be deletable). There is the bug of crashing the game instantly when you leave an area, if you want to prevent this: set the byte at offset 0x0A to 5 in the small/large monster definition. The quest will still be unstable and come with various quirky bugs.

So here you have it. Now go wild and create some crazy and challenging CQs.

User Info: acacia

2 years ago#2
Thanks dasding :)

User Info: dasding

2 years ago#3
Note: You still have to bypass the reward check.

User Info: holygift

2 years ago#4
Wait, so you're the one who started the CQ?

User Info: Dark_Abaddon

2 years ago#5
thank you very much :)
NNID: HardCor /// 3DS: 1633-4342-9490

User Info: Free_san

2 years ago#6
I have not made anything CQ related, but thank you for this information.

The way you say this makes me worried about being able to see Gogmazios vs infinitely spawning Great Jaggis actually happening though.

User Info: APM

2 years ago#7
Thanks maybe people will make some real quests
(message deleted)

User Info: dasding

2 years ago#9
I recommend using low IDs instead of high ones. It seems that there is a limit. e.g. 60099 does not work.

User Info: APM

2 years ago#10
I'm curious why they would hard code the monsters and IDs in. Anyone know the advantages?
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