Pre-Sequel Gear

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User Info: Baruch_S

3 years ago#11
DuneMan posted...
Partial tangent: elemental DoT is on the list of things that needs to be improved as well(mostly it just needs a sick 10x-20x multiplier for the UVHM equivalent). I did notice that the DoT chance skill shown so far wasn't some rinky dink bonus like Gaige's More Pep, here at 5/5 you got +100% DoT chance.

I hadn't noticed that. That's going to be awesome. I always went for the elemental builds when characters had them, but those pathetic bonuses weren't worth the skill points once you realized they were multiplicative instead of additive. Five skill points to get a paltry +5% chance to electrocute enemies wasn't anywhere near worth it.

The other gear is looking good, too. Lasers sound awesome. Having the barrel and the manufacturer both modify the weapon will give us a lot of variety and functionality. The Oz Kits are sounding pretty interesting, too. Artifacts in BL2 weren't bad, but they definitely weren't as exciting as the Oz Kits look to be. Shame about the ARs, though. I was hoping they'd at least get them on par with the pistols.

New questions. First, did anyone see anything new in the Wilhem video? Second, do we know which manufacturers will be making Lasers? We've seen Tediore, and I think I remember seeing Maliwan in one video. Any other confirmed manufacturers or even anyone we can infer based on the aesthetics of different parts?
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User Info: DuneMan

3 years ago#12
We know a fair amount of laser types, which seem poised to mimic the other gun classes with a single ammo type:
Hyperion - railgun blasts (sniper variant)
Tediore - tri-beam (shotgun variant)
Maliwan - Ghostbusters stream (new variant, increases damage as the trigger is held)
'Unknown', likely Scav - rapid scatter blaster (that terrible accuracy must be an assault rifle variant)

I definitely want to try an all-laser Wilhelm build at some point. If I spied his COMs correctly, his Celestial Enforcer COM came with both gun damage and points in his laser boosting skill (10/5 grants +40% damage and greatly enhanced clip sizes to keep up the DPS).
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User Info: DuckOfDoom79

3 years ago#13
VampLordAdamaru posted...
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey...... Stuff...

~impatiently waiting for the Oct 17 ding~

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