command and conquer for playstation one

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User Info: rose_legend07

9 years ago#1
I seem to have a big problem. I came across a disk of C&C for the play station one.

Putting the disk in, I don't get anything to show up other than the cd memory card screen. When I looked at the package of the game, it said the game was in pal format.

Can not play it on the US made system. So, I am wondering if anyone out there who has one of the play station systems that can play a pal game, could you let me know? I would be willing to let the game go. I've tried ebay and amazon, but I do not have a credit card so I can put it up for bid. A pre paid debit card is useless on both sites.

I hope someone out there would like a pal version if you have the pal system to play it on. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to resort to tossing the game into the shredder.

I hope someone responds to this sometime.
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User Info: mirage223

9 years ago#2
It would probably be cheaper to find a NTSC version of the game in a bargain bin rather than buying a PAL PS1. Personally, I'd just invest in a PS2 + mod chip or something like SwapMagic. Good luck.
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