Hearthstone Discussion Topic: Thrall vs. Morgl, the endless cycle

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User Info: dowolf

1 week ago#341
I am super excited for the warlock discard quest; Discard Warlock has been one of my favorite decks. Though six is a lot...

They said that the quest is guaranteed to be the top card in your deck, so if you're e.g. going first, it'll be the leftmost card, and the other two cards in your hand will be entirely random. They also said you can mulligan the quest away, which is coo'. It's not just a free bonus card, so it doesn't have to be in every deck.

In other news, a seven-mana 9/9: because 4-mana 7/7 wasn't meme-ee enough. That card terrifies me already.

Edit: Kazakus Warlock is still going to be a deck, for instance. They're not going to be running the Warlock quest. Dragon Priest (which I'm assuming will survive to some extent) isn't going to play the Priest quest. You could do a Priest Control deck that doesn't want to run enough deathrattles to justify it. Current Zoo Warlock builds don't have enough discards to play the discard quest. Et cetera~
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skull_bonek23 posted...
Likewise if you're going to play a zoo Warlock there's no reason to not put the discard package in. Sure you might not include that package if you're playing a control deck or highlander but it doesn't exactly inspire creative deckbuilding.

Not true! A theoretical Zoo Warlock deck might not run that card because for Zoo style, playing Flame Imp on turn 1 could just be better. I think the problem would be Standard not having the support for a traditional Zoo playstyle to compete with this (especially with PO gone). But in Wild, this is a new archetype. The discard Taunt card makes me think they're trying to make it a distinct archetype in Standard, too. In a way, your complaint is really about the Standard card pool. With cards leaving, there's always less decks to build and new, powerful cards edge out older stuff that can't compete.

I think you're right on Priest and it's much more of a no-brainer to include in your deck, but you can still go Reno-style with the quest as a replacement Reno or just all-in on Deathrattle Priest trying to trigger the quest ASAP and live to play N'zoth or something. Or both if you're super greedy! It does look like that Quest is gonna go in every Priest deck, but with dragons leaving the alternative is probably no Priest decks.

On another note, new Elise is hilarious. I love it.
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User Info: VeryInsane

1 week ago#343
Yeah New Elise is fantastic and will probably be played in several control decks
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User Info: davidponte

1 week ago#344
Update: I have just beaten my first Hunter in ranked play since the last expansion.

Rank 9 with Dragon Priest, and it wasn't very close. Feels good.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#345
I can't speak for all Hunters, but the Hunter deck I've been playing gets WRECKED by Dragon Priest
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User Info: davidponte

1 week ago#346
MariaTaylor posted...
I can't speak for all Hunters, but the Hunter deck I've been playing gets WRECKED by Dragon Priest

I know that it's kind of unbelievable, and that generally it was pretty absurd considering the state of Hunter, but after I had lost over 10 in a row against them, I couldn't help but laugh and start recording the matchup.

I should be winning with decks like Dragon Priest, but for what was about three months I somehow managed to draw terribly in every game against Hunters, at every rank. It feels good to finally get that odd, unecessary monkey off my back.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#347
yeah it's almost hard to even imagine. for me it feels completely the opposite. when I queue into Dragon Priest I know that I've already lost. even if I draw as well as I can possibly draw there's still nothing I can do. they put too much stuff on the board and it's too hard for me to remove it. I can't get anything on the board because they can keep killing it and healing their own stuff. plus taunts for days blocking the face. if by some miracle I get some damage in early on I still can't even close the distance with my hero power and maximum burn, because they just heal themselves while I'm waiting to put my hand together... or kill me in the meantime with their board full of minions.
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User Info: davidponte

1 week ago#348
Dragon Priest is pretty great on ladder right now. Other than Warlock, which isn't as bad as a matchup as it used to be, there isn't a single class I see that has me thinking "Yeah, this is over".

I feel like every game is winnable, and a bunch of my losses come from me somehow not drawing a Dragon for 4-5 turns, which, despite me running a whole bunch of Dragons, happens more often than you think. It ends up being pretty infuriating because I know these games are winnable with a half decent draw.

User Info: BlackDra90n

1 week ago#349
New cards seem interesting. Glad they seem to be trying out new mechanics.

User Info: Camden

1 week ago#350
Can the new Elise give you any cards from Goro or is it limited to your class and neutral?

The cards all look good/fun/unique/interesting/notcompletelyterrible except for Sherazin. Four cards in one turn just to get a 5/3? I'm not even sure it would be good if it was four cards over any number of turns...
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