Umineko Tea Party *progressive spoilers*

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User Info: Zigzagoon

1 month ago#101
there you go applekidrose

User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#102
co-op playthrough confirmed!

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 month ago#103
we need an AKR's Mom playthrough topic
With just a simple roll of duct tape this level of reasoning is possible.

User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#104
She killed and locked every servant, and therefore locked every master key, creating six perfect locked rooms. this is just.

Gonna ramble for a bit, it's important that I remember that Kinzo was just Ok with dying. Like yup, if that's how it is, then do it. Kill me. So Kinzo knows about the killings, knows about the roulette, knows about the cycles

Kinzo is probably the person who has been fighting this cycle stuff for the longest time. Everyone else doesn't seem to realize, although some of them make these small comments like "it's not my turn yet".

Kinzo.... seems to be going after that 1 in quintillion probability. That's what I think.

I don't really know what that means. But suppose that Battler's insistence in finding holes in the witch murders, is what's causing the cycles to repeat. Wouldn't Kinzo be all like "please end this Beatrice. Make the perfect witch murder so we can all stop being killed"? They also try to get Battler to do that in the very first tea party. They beg him to accept the witch, and he doesn't, and then they die.

By that logic, is the 1 in quintillion chance the chance of creating a murder that's impossible without magic?


I seriously thought this game was gonna be about full-on magic and you would have to reverse engineer the magic. Like you know lots of movies try to explain the science behind it (midichlorians). But it's not much like that at all
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#105
My bracket got smashed by DpObliVion.
Congrats to DpObliVion for winning the BGE15 Guru Contest!
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#106
My bracket got smashed by DpObliVion.
Congrats to DpObliVion for winning the BGE15 Guru Contest!

User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#107
Ahhhh what is going on

Gold is real. that part isn't surprising. If I had to take a jab at the epitaph, "go down the river" sounds like it's talking about the ocean. So go down to the ocean and <stuff>.

Reach the village.

I have no idea. But the game already explained this part, it's a play on kanji. The kanji for village is the kanji for Maria.

That's kinda lame, but what can you do, I guess. Game was never made with an english audience in mind.

When you reach the village go to the shore the two will tell you of.

From what happens in the scene 'the two' could be Rosa & Maria talking about the rose garden. But then the ocean part makes no sense. More likely it could be the shore Rosa is talking about earlier where Beato died. You could then imagine a secret cave somewhere in that area.

I don't get why Eva would need to look at books to figure this out though. So clearly something's amiss if not everything

Anyway they never tell the reader the solution.

The gold is real and an actual literal "land", or bunker where it's hidden.

This is just the human interpretation. There is always 2 sides to everything in this game. It's very frustrating.

Golden Land has already been kinda pointed out as a magical land of dreams. But now it's just a bunker....

...Someone is pulling tricks on the reader. Which parts are fake which parts are right. I don't know. But it would be in my best interest to start clearly understanding and separating the magic-side from the human one.

This would be relatively easy except for the part where Beato died. She, (actually it was Ronowe iirc), said in red, "It's definitely dead".

Someone died on those rocks. Fact.

Red is the truth. It better be.

This means that flashback scene is probably accurate. A giant cage exists in the forest. Fact.

Something called Beatrice died on those rocks. Fact.
(edited 1 month ago)
(message deleted)

User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#109
I read a huge chunk more. First off, what happens next was crazy. But before that I have some bad news. Somewhere along the way I ended up getting massively spoiled. It was my fault, I was dumb. I looked at something I should not have looked at. But you know, its crazy how easily someone can get spoiled. Just a couple words and there you go.
Anyway thats what happened. I found out a huge thing about one specific character. I'm pretty much in the dark about everything else, but since this character is huge, it's still huge.

But yeah, this got me pretty bummed out on reading the rest. But I'll probably still finish at least Chapter 3. Since I'm so close.

So yea I'm pretty sad I was so stupid. This is just one spoiler, but I'm pretty sure this is -the- spoiler. So. Oh well.

But also!

Wow! This is insane! Look how cool she looks in the painting! This is crazy. and it doesn't make any sense at all.

Of the three characters they introduced, Ronowe, Virgilia, and Young Eva. Young Eva is the least tangible. At least with the other two you can kinda still make an argument that they might be real people. But what even with this inner child Eva that she somehow ends up being the witch now? Ahh

Like. This just brings up so many questions. And the scene with actual Eva freaking out in bed. That was the best part.

Best thing about this game overall(besides the music) are all these fab outfits. Look at that pic, everyone in that pic is dressed fabulously. Major props to Lambdadelta. Her give-a-f***-o-meter is clearly at 0. Yes thats right I wear these pink socks. What's it to you ?
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#110
That's unfortunate that you had part of Umineko spoiled for you. What was it that you read?
My bracket got smashed by DpObliVion.
Congrats to DpObliVion for winning the BGE15 Guru Contest!
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