Umineko Tea Party *progressive spoilers*

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User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#111
It was *serious spoiler warning* that Kinzo is not alive
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#112
I can't say why but don't worry too much about that. Just keep going and you'll understand what I mean later.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 month ago#113
i was spoiled on the fact that magic is real uuu---
With just a simple roll of duct tape this level of reasoning is possible.

User Info: Eerieka

1 month ago#114
TC, I'd say that spoiler's not -that- bad in comparison to some others you could have been hit with. Don't feel let down!

Also, never enter the topics I make. I'm gonna make another one soon since my friend read some more, but it'll be full of spoilers.
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User Info: M3sterybumper

1 month ago#115
All I know about Umineko is that is has pretty good music and that their characters are reality warpers.
And he was never seen again.
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#116
My bracket got smashed by DpObliVion.
Congrats to DpObliVion for winning the BGE15 Guru Contest!
(message deleted)

User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#118
Haven't been able to get back to it, unfortunately

Actually I did read a little bit.

I think it's interesting that Maria died very quickly this time. Which didn't happen last times... it doesn't seem, to me, like there's any kind of specific reason for it. But it's kind of safe to say that there's no scorpion charm that's gonna save anyone this time. Which they already showed earlier with Kinzo's door.

So, you know, one argument is that it's because Eva-trice is immune to it , is not a great argument, since Beato blows right past it too.

Was it ever a thing at all though? Maybe it was

Maybe it could be that the rules change every cycle, and that scorpion charms were a legitimate weakness in the first cycle, but not in the second or third. In the second cycle there's a cobweb, and a mirror, the latter of which then becomes useless.

The mirror definitely feels like trickery from someone, although there's some credibility to the cobweb...

Anyway back to the scorpion.
There's no actual proof that Maria is immune to death in the first cycle.
Nor is there proof that Kinzo was pulled out of his room in cycle 1.

So there's no proof that scorpion charms are a real thing at all

Though you might say "of course Maria is not immune to death". She dies right after Beato is resurrected. Off-screen, but it says she dies. The problem with that is that I think "resurrected witch" is different than "witch who is doing the killings".

I don't really know what that means though
(message deleted)

User Info: metaIslug

4 weeks ago#120
Reading Umineko :
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