$@11- Post Here and Maria Will Transform You Into a Fictional Character ~@@!~~$$

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User Info: X_Dante_X

1 week ago#21
oh ok
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User Info: muddersmilk

1 week ago#22
Yes please!
Maniac64 at work
Oh hey neat
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User Info: Eddv

1 week ago#24
Oh boy
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User Info: LusterSoldier

1 week ago#25
Okay, I'm interested.
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User Info: JeffreyRaze

1 week ago#26
After untying his blindfold, he stood up from the vat of burning coals and said: "That was a tough game. I almost had to use -two- toes!"

User Info: Altimadark

1 week ago#27
I can't see this going awry at all.
There never was a post. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and refracted the light from Venus.

User Info: mcflubbin

1 week ago#28
Hi Maria, how are you?
It's not so impossible!
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#30
KanzarisKelshen posted...

You have become Kanna-chan, also known as Happy-chan, a character who was the mascot of cereal brand Happy Charms for about a week. Although she appears innocent there is actually a dark and hilarious history behind the Happy-chan mascot. This is something one will quickly learn if they take the time to google "Where did Happy-chan go?" or "Why isn't Happy-chan the mascot anymore?"


As part of an outreach program by the Happy Charms marketing team they came up with the brilliant idea in 2019 to post an online poll where users could submit art and vote on their own choices for the new mascot. It goes, almost without saying, that members of some anonymous message boards caught wind of this campaign and focused their efforts on getting the most offensive character they could under the radar. Kanna-chan was chosen because of both her innocent looking appearance (nobody would bother to check before putting her all over cereal boxes) and also the insane juxtaposition of her actual source material. Users were shocked when the plan actually worked.

Kanna-chan, known better as Kanazuki Kaori, is a sadistic dominatrix from a japanese eroge. That's a porn-based visual novel. To add to the insanity she comes from a series titled 'I Can't Believe I Became the Sub Slave of a Reincarnated Genderswapped Dictator?!' Needless to say Happy Charms was forced to cut all ties and pretend this never happened after all these facts came to light. For those curious, Kanazuki is the reincarnation of Kim-Jong Un. She is an 8th Level Omniscient Being who was born riding a unicorn out of her mother's womb. Her mother then exploded. Legend has it that Kanazuki single-handedly destroyed the corrupt Eagle Country and saved the world from capitalism by breathing fire across the ocean. All hail Glorious Leader Happy-Chan!
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