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User Info: Leafeon13N

1 week ago#31

User Info: IhatethisCPU

1 week ago#32
Hi, I'm CPU, and I'm 90% dumb, 10% water. And 10% percent poor math skills.
I couldn't be happier with the character I got

A++ choice, thank you kindly
Shine on, you crazy diamond.

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#34
Bane_Of_Despair posted...
Yea sure

You have been transformed into Bane of Despair, without underscores. You are a sentient magic weapon with a sinister sounding name but actually good intentions. This world is filled with despair, but your ultimate aim is to seek out all the sources of despair and eliminate them. Ultimately your goal is to improve the lives of humans and make the kingdom of Renhaldt a better place.


Bane can change its shape at will between any form of weapon that it desires. It is currently wielded by the daughter of the legendary hero, Loroto, and the witch Calificant. It was briefly in possession of an evil warlord, but Bane transformed itself into a spear and impaled him. Heh. Loroto's daughter has rejected the witch blood that flows through her veins and dedicated herself to enforcing justice and protecting the innocent. Bane thinks she is pretty okay.

Originally, Bane of Despair was a wizard's apprentice. However, he cannot remember what his name was or even where he came from. All he remembers was, like, experimenting with methods to grant himself eternal life. And then accidentally turned himself into a weapon. Whoops.
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Oh s*** that's super f***in badass
Lord have mercy on my soul, I've had a good run but I can't run anymore.
Just put me down.

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#36
Regaro posted...
Wait since when did you actually come back to board 8

not too long ago

Tom Bombadil posted...
I missed these

I missed doing stuff like this too! I am a content creator at heart. and really where the hell else do I post this kind of content that people actually want to look at it?

mcflubbin posted...
Hi Maria, how are you?

prettttyyyy good

KanzarisKelshen posted...
I couldn't be happier with the character I got

A++ choice, thank you kindly

glad you like it. it's my favorite one so far as well.

Bane_Of_Despair posted...
Oh s*** that's super f***in badass

heh. you have the honor of being the first one who wasn't transformed into some kind of joke/twist/punchline.

this is actually just a stealth 2 AM bump to catch the insomniac crowd.

I'll do more of these tomorrow!
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User Info: scarletspeed7

1 week ago#37
"Reading would be your friend." ~Dave Meltzer

User Info: Murphiroth

1 week ago#38
FC - 2852 - 9769 - 0007 My shinies - http://imgur.com/a/uPVUX

User Info: trdl23

1 week ago#39

I just met a user named Maria~
E come vivo? Vivo!

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#40
profDEADPOOL posted...

You have become Wade Winchester a rich playboy from the novel One Shade of Gray. It's a less ambiguous take on the whole sadistic, stalker boyfriend smut novel thing. In fact -- this is intentionally written as a horror story. What happens when you slowly remove the boundaries between good and bad, or the "shades of gray" between black and white? Well, eventually you're left with a guy like Wade.


Wade is not actually rich. He spent all of his inheritance money on expensive plastic surgery to make himself handsome. He now distracts himself on trivial pursuits of the flesh. Namely setting up elaborate ruses in order to convince women that he does still have an immense fortune so that they will let him carry out his wildest and most twisted sexual fantasies. However, his true joy comes from exposing the hypocrisy of the creatures that he tortures -- he will first admit that he is not actually handsome and that he has undergone plastic surgery. Most of the women will say this is fine and they don't care what he looks like because they are in love with him. Then he admits he is actually broke and they bail. I guess love isn't enough to overcome being broke, huh.

After a ton of pointless sex scenes, psychological and emotional manipulation, the story eventually goes somewhere. Wade meets a girl named Karsi who professes to love him for who he is, even after she learns that he is broke. This does not make Wade happy but actually make him even more infuriated. In his mind this is a sign that Karsi is a good person and that means what he has been doing is actually bad. Seeing himself as a bad person, Wade decides he needs to destroy Karsi anyway like all of the others. The novel anticlimactically ends with Wade getting him by a car while trying to chase her across the road. I suppose he should have looked both ways.
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