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User Info: HeeCawRoo

1 week ago#41

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#42
th3l3fty posted...
sure thing

You are Grouch the companion dog. Your master, Ocarina, is a high school girl who must simultaneously plan a school festival as well as discover who her secret admirer is. You are classified as a Helper Dog who is allowed to stay with Ocarina at all times. This is a satisfactory explanation for why a dog is wandering around the school all the time.


Grouch has the unique ability to track the scent of people in the school, as well as determining which students have touched specific objects. This can be very useful in order to track down the secret admirer. Although it's not so helpful for planning a school festival. The game has various different endings based on which festival activity was chosen (Cafe, Haunted House, or Games), whether the festival activity was planned successfully, and whether the admirer was identified correctly. Identifying the wrong admirer is an option as well. Grouch truly holds an immense power in those paws.

Because Ocarina talks to Grouch and seems to understand the speech of a dog it seems very likely that she suffers from extreme delusional psychosis.
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User Info: Zigzagoon

1 week ago#43
lefty scores big

User Info: Natwaf_akidna

1 week ago#44
Aww I got here late
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#45
GANON1025 posted...

You have been transformed into Gash Brokenfist, the tyrant of Shiralreich. The kingdom in which Gash was born had a peace between humans and orcs which had lasted for nearly four generations. This truce, however, was only built upon the fact that humans had the technology to survive in the cold wasteland of Shiralreich and the Orcs played nice or died in the snow. That s*** had to stop.


Before long the Southern Terrors returned to their world. Legends had warned against the mountains of the south -- never to go there. The humans thought if they obeyed this rule they would be safe. But the truth is that they were not prepared when the enemy finally came for them. Gash was opportunistic enough to see this as his chance. Human society would be destroyed and Orcs would rise from the ashes. And if his plan failed, so what? They were all doomed anyway.

Gash was able to convince the Humans to share their technology with Orcs so that the Brokenfist Clan and others might help them fight. Once the Terrors had been repelled, Gash and his comrades immediately turned their blades upon the Humans and destroyed the kingdom of Shiralreich. He united all of the Orcish clans under one banner for the first time in memory. After waging a campaign over the southern mountains he found sprawling ruins of human and other societies that stretched on as far as the eye could see.

Wandering through these crumbling skyscrapers and looking upon what had been left behind, Gash realized something important; Culture, Art, Music... All of that stuff was totally pointless. Even as grand as this world had been it had fallen to the Southern Terror. The only thing that mattered was strength. But the enemy soon returned in even greater numbers, and any attempt to fight was doomed and hopeless. Gash made peace with his death. Orcs alone made it to the finish line while Humans had stumbled and perished.
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User Info: Unknown_voter

1 week ago#46

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#47
got a bunch of good ones coming up!
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User Info: Steiner

1 week ago#48
i was robbed
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User Info: Airship_Canon

1 week ago#49
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