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User Info: muddersmilk

1 week ago#61
Awesome stuff so far Maria, glad to see you back on the board.

Sorry I didn't keep up with that last writing project but busyness and not really being my type of setting kept me from ever catching up.
Maniac64 at work

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#62
Zigzagoon posted...
Maria <3

Eirwein Shirachael, the Mad Hunter. You were cursed by the Goddess of Life for transgressions in a past life, and born with the inability to keep your mind and soul inside of your body. Because your Essence is unstable your psionic presence tends to leak out into your surroundings and hold an influence over it. You have vivid memories of your past lives and are tortured by the heinous crimes that you committed -- most notably butchering innocent wildlife and hunting several species to extinction.


Eventually your body broke down and you became unable to sustain a physical form at all. This was after being tortured with psychosis and mental instability for two decades. Begging for forgiveness, you found that your prayers fell on deaf ears. Some say that the Gods of this realm are cruel but there are others who argue their acts and their actions are never without purpose.

As of late you have focused your efforts on trying to maintain your projected consciousness in as stable of a form as possible. You fear that if you lose control completely then you will be scattered and dispersed and that your very being will cease to exist. Despite your evil past you have grown a fondness and an appreciation for the untamed lands. It is the only place where you can find acceptance now that you have become a formless wraith. And there are days when you project your mentality into the bodies of different animals in order to walk amongst them for a time.

As days and weeks pass, you find greater comfort in these acts. Retreating into the feral creatures and becoming one with them. In the end it is very likely that all traces of your previous self will be erased, but perhaps a part of you will live on in some animal after you have transferred your mind into its body and melded your brain waves with its own.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#63
Regaro posted...
Wait since when did you actually come back to board 8

You are Fallen Hero, the protagonist of a Souls clone released by some indie developer but generally considered to be on par with the Fromsoft releases. Well, closer to the lower-average end of the spectrum. But who is counting? The Fallen Hero appears in Canthring on the night of a fierce storm, but finds that the town has been abandoned.


This game has an open world feel but it is notable in the fact that the weather never clears during the entire duration of the game. Even when the rain temporarily lets up there are always oppressive clouds swirling overhead. This leads to an overall very dark visual tone which can be unsettling if the game is played for long periods. Though the Fallen Hero has no defined backstory or attributes we know a bit about him or her based on NPC dialogue.

Although the rescued NPCs in the game who are met by the Fallen Hero mostly talk about themselves or the lore of the setting, they do remark on the player character in a rare few occasions.

"Who are you, now? You look like some kind of disgraced knight from a foreign land. Sent into exile, was it? Heh. No matter. It's not like we've got any proper Heroes 'round here to look after us. I suppose you'll do."

The NPCs take to calling the player character the Fallen Hero, and so this is the chosen name by the fan community as well. Whether is moniker even reflects the backstory of the player generated character is probably up to the player. The Fallen Hero has access to thirty weapons each with a unique moveset, and can use an assortment of spells. Although there are references to Gods and Divine Power in the game there is no way to actually invoke any sort of Prayer, Miracle, or other kind of Divine Magic. We are given evidence that people believe in the Gods and built cultures around the worship of these Gods, but we cannot ever truly be sure that the Gods exist or existed.

Aside from customizing your stats and appearance, there are also many different armor styles to choose from including an assortment of heavy and light armor and even plenty of clothes that barely qualify as armor at all. As always, fashion souls reigns supreme here.

"Oh... the way you move, the way you speak... You are trying to hide it but I can tell. You are a Synerian, aren't you? I am sorry, dear. It must pain you to think about your home. And nothing left of it."

Lore and community speculation seem to suggest that the Fallen Hero was once a member of the Synerian nobility or military. When the kingdom of Syneria was destroyed they left the land in disgrace. Unfortunately, whether this origin rings true or not, it's undisputed that the Fallen Hero is unable to save Canthring from certain doom. There are two possible endings in the game. In one, the city and all of its surroundings are destroyed in a great flood. In the other ending the player character escapes, and briefly stops to remove a small locket from their person and examine it. Nobody knows the true meaning behind the locket.

The generally unsatisfying and inconclusive endings are a large contributing factor to why the game is not as well loved or regarded as the top tier From Software games, although most agree the mechanics and level design are top notch here. The usable weapons are all well balanced and varied, but there is a small number of weapons that are virtually unusable.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#64

will be doing a few more in a bit.
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User Info: SantaRPidgey

1 week ago#65
I can't believe i missed this topic for so long.this is the sort of thing board 8 was great for, but you see so rarely nowadays.

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#66
voltch posted...
Well that's a nice return

Transform! You am become Bubblegum Pop from the series STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM SUNDAE! Bubblegum lives with her sister(?) Strawberry Pop and their cat, Sundae. Although the relationship between Strawberry and Bubblegum is never clearly defined it's just assumed they are sisters. They have the same last name, after all.


Bubblegum's notable features are her inability to speak coherent english and her "cute" demeanor. Interestingly the cat, Sundae, is voiced by the same actor who played Eirwein in the unrelated Mad Hunter franchise films which were released around the same time. This is particularly strange because his dark and sinister voice, as well as his twisted sense of humor, seem somewhat out of place on such a cute and pop show for children. This is largely the reason why it gained a large following of edgy teens who worship a children's cartoon as if the evil cat is their, like, spirit animal. Literally!

As for why a bunch of 30 year old virgins fell in love with the show and created their own fan community, well, look no further than Bubblegum. Dubbed "Word Salad Waifu" by certain anonymous message boards she was initially looked at as a candidate for the Happy Charms Cereal Box prank. However it was ultimately decided (in the face of much "but muh waifu" opposition) that Bubblegum was simply too pure and too perfect for it to even be funny.

Bubblegum tends to go on long rants that do not form any kind of complete sentence. Many have speculated as to the meaning behind these tirades but the truth is that no one has ever come up with a single good explanation -- even after countless hours trying to prove that her words are some kind of jumbled code which may perhaps be cognitive vision describing events from future episodes. So far, no such theory has come to pass, anyway.

In the third season of STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM SUNDAE! the creators of the show really seemed to find their audience and appeal to the demographics they knew were following the show. There is even an episode titled "World Salad" which largely focuses on Bubblegum discovering that her cheeks and nose turn red when it's cold outside. It is the ultimate cuteness -- moe incarnate! That episode was seen as an acknowledgement from the show writers, but the most dedicated fans will vehemently argue why episode x or episode y was a better Bubblegum episode anyway.
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Reg

6 days ago#67
Reg is the Dark Souls of Fictional Characters I love it

also voltch's is so great wtf

User Info: MariaTaylor

6 days ago#68
gotta reward my loyal vassals

also I felt bad about making Ermine into an evil hunter so I snuck him in as well by making him Sundae from STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM SUNDAE! not sure if anyone caught that. there's a semi-coherent shared canon between at least a few of these and I'll probably get more meta as they go on.
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User Info: Zigzagoon

6 days ago#69
Oh god

User Info: MariaTaylor

6 days ago#70
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