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User Info: Altimadark

1 day ago#91
MariaTaylor posted...
A synthetic being from Zero:Fiber you fall somewhere between Android and Cyborg on the classification spectrum. This distinction is not only heavily debated among fans but also serves as a driving inner conflict for much of the game. Altima is a computer program that was created by patterning the memories and emotional blueprint of a human before they died. The original human has since passed away but the mind upload was transferred to a mechanical body. So which is it...? Is Altima the same person as Sigrid? Or did Sigrid die, and Altima is a mere Android -- a replication of life? The game asks this question often but never conclusively answers it. That is left for the player to decide.

A robot and a pilot (based on what they're wearing)? Noice.
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oh nice these are cool :)
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User Info: Murphiroth

1 day ago#93
MariaTaylor posted...
Murphiroth posted...
Basically this!

You are Forget, which is really just the code name for the elusive mercenary known as Murphy Rose.


Murphy is the survivor from a failed space colonization program which launched a satellite into orbit around Earth. People were hoping to find a solution to all of the pollution that was causing problems. However, after about two years the first children started being born in space. The first girl born had green skin and had suffered immense illness from solar radiation. Murphy's own son died from space poisoning and his wife also passed away during childbirth. Murphy returned to Earth as the colony project was shut down. Now he roams the smog ridden streets of Neo Hamburg while performing jobs for anyone willing to pay him in this cutthroat world. Murphy claims that his code name holds no significance but the truth is obvious; he hopes that turning his mind to work and getting lost in this kind of corporate espionage and violence will help him 'Forget' all the things he experienced while in space.

But time has taught Murphy only one thing... memories hold power. And they do not fade so easily.

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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 day ago#94
Altimadark posted...
A robot and a pilot (based on what they're wearing)? Noice.

pilot would be interesting. could make a good story. sigrid always wanted to fly but couldn't for some reason, maybe because of sick and dying. then robot altima gets the chance to actually fly with sigrid's personality and memories.
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User Info: JeffreyRaze

1 day ago#95
Ooh, flight is always fun. Meta knowledge too. Thanks!
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User Info: MariaTaylor

4 hours ago#96
Snake5555555555 posted...
I'm looking forward to my character if you ever do it!

You are Five, one of the Deadly Six Samurai. Because of your lightning reflexes you have been dubbed The Snake. Anyone who is bitten by your sword is sure to die. That's because you have honed your skill to always land the most lethal strike possible in any situation.


The protagonist of the game is a US Marine named William Asskicker and he fights through an army of samurai, yakuza, and robots to rescue the First Lady of the United States who had been kidnapped by evil japanese businessmen so they could clone her panties. He turns your propensity for killing strikes against you, making it a weakness, by simply focusing his attention on defending his most lethal spots and knowing you are unable to launch strikes which would not be lethal.

Ainoxi posted...
Posty post!

You are Princess Saturn, from Galaxy Walker.


It is a 3D Platformer with 81 stages scattered across 7 different planets. Each planet has a unique type of environment and the stages within each planet are somewhat varied as well. Each stage has two different conditions for completing it and six collectable objects hidden somewhere in the stage. This means the game can take quite a while if you're a completionist, but that can be seen as a positive as well. If you are a completionist this kind of game will be sure to capture your attention for quite a while.

Galaxy Walker is praised for its off brand sense of humor and quirky writing. Saturn can clone certain objects by taking pictures of them, which is used for some puzzle solving mechanics. Later on you obtain the ability to reverse your gravity which can be used to backtrack in older stages and locate hidden objects that might have been unreachable before. Make sure there is something above you when you reverse your gravity otherwise you will fly into the atmosphere and die.
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User Info: scarletspeed7

4 hours ago#97
Oh, nice. This is still going.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

4 hours ago#98
GenesisSaga posted...
Only a week late yay!

Hello, Aqura of The Wilds. Formerly Aqura Thi'aims.

It has been a while since we last spoke. I hope you are able to receive this letter.


You have already made your decision to abandon our people and I cannot fault you for that. If nothing else you have shown conviction in following your beliefs. You may disagree with the Primarch, but it concerns me that you would cast aside your civic duty in order to rebel against the wishes of the most holy one.

People have gotten hurt over this. People will continue to get hurt if you do not come home to us. I will not beg you to come home. You would simply refuse my request and bring further dishonor and shame upon myself. It has already made me ugly in the eyes of society that I would maintain contact with a traitor.

The enemy at our door is a common enemy of us all. He does not sleep. He will not rest until he consumes all of us whole. You may hate the Primarch, but if he falls so does our society. You may think it safe to hide in the woods, but once our kingdom falls soon he will seek to destroy all life. Those trees you have loved so much will burn.

This is the last letter I will send to you. I no longer wish for you to return to us. I wish for the world to be destroyed so that you can see your own foolish nature in those last, fleeting moments. A nasty side of myself has been revealed. One that I did not think possible. One that I was not aware of.

Goodbye Forever. Signed,
Karquzjin Thi'aims.

ImTheMacheteGuy posted...
oh nice these are cool :)



Beloved by the people you bring peace and prosperity to the local villages. However, your actions are often impossible to comprehend by mortals. Your favor can be gained by making offering. Usually young clerics will make a pilgrimage to the top of the mountain in order to deliver gifts to their god. Locally grown herbs and alcohol are the preference, of course.

When the world was threatened by darkness you blew away all of their problems with a single breath. Unlike certain other, more depressing canons that some users were stuck in... this existence is a very happy medium. There can be no complaints with such a laid back and content form of life.
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User Info: Eddv

4 hours ago#99
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User Info: Pirateking2000

4 hours ago#100
it's alive

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