"you did WHAT?" -- MAJORA'S MASK part two

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the supermask didn't make the final boss easier for me iirc.
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User Info: ProfitProphet

3 days ago#372
It really only made the first boss significantly easier for me. But it's still fun to use on the others
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

3 days ago#373
SeabassDebeste posted...
the supermask didn't make the final boss easier for me iirc.

Really? For me it was so easy I almost felt bad for it.

User Info: kevwaffles

3 days ago#374
CherryCokes posted...
Goht is fast enough that it's easier with Goron Link

Twinmold is so big (and apparently more difficult in 3DS) that the Giant Mask makes it easier

One hit knocks Goht over and it's spammable, so FD makes that really easy. You either just wait for him to run around the arena or chase him down once as Goron Link, and then that's that.

Twinmold you're not exactly wrong, but it's not exactly hard as FD in N64. You just have to wait for them to get close/attack you so you can get your hits in. In fact if you don't know to spam the spin attack when using the giant mask to avoid collision, I'd say FD is easier than Giant with normal attacks. 3DS I can't say for sure, but it sounds like phase one is built to be fought without Giant's Mask anyways so it definitely seems useful there at least.
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User Info: CherryCokes

3 days ago#375
Follow up: Why would you want to face Goht as not-Goron Link
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User Info: Waluigi1

2 days ago#376
CherryCokes posted...
Follow up: Why would you want to face Goht as not-Goron Link

Because of Fierce Dirty Link...
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User Info: transience

2 days ago#377
I'm not really sure what to say about overarching thoughts on Majora's Mask. here's a rambling. it's... good, clever, experimental, inventive while still functioning within a familiar formula. that framing makes it feel both comfortable and uncomfortable. like, you could call it extremely risky and unconventional but I think that's only within the context of it being Zelda. as the follow-up to Ocarina of Time, the game blessed by the heavens, it's certainly a huge swerve. it has moments of genuine horror, especially the intro which deconstructs everything in an efficient ten minutes. but it also plays within a natural sandbox of well-worn video game norms. the minute to minute gameplay isn't radical. that dichotomy works really well.

the core of the game revolves around clock town and its citizens. for most people, this is the crux of majora's mask. for me it's more focused on the areas outside of it. clock town is, quite literally, clockwork, with everything functioning on a groundhog day-like consistency. you can go deep and get to know the machinery that makes the entire town go. the second to second functions of the citizens are, for the most part, not super interesting for me. yeah, there's stuff iike the kafei quest that breaks the norm, but there's a lot of optional minigames and powerups that strike me as being largely uninteresting. I don't want to go THAT deep.

the areas outside of town feel a little more dynamic in terms of change. there isn't the same clockwork but it does go through a migration as you restore the world (only to get it destroyed again). cleaning the swamp, melting the ice, purifying the water.. it helps, too, that there are dungeons here. the dungeons here are good. I'd go snow > stone > wood > water with the two former ones being among the best ocarina offered and the latter two being pretty mediocre. I like how there are areas that lead up to each temple and there's a gradual push forward that's directly at odds with the ticking clock. the ticking clock is a great mechanic but I like it best for the outside areas than the town: gerudo fortress, the entire snow area and the swamp are all really fun areas to traverse and the feeling that it will all be for naught is kind of devastating.

overall, Majora begs to be compared to Ocarina. it's hard for me to come to a definitive conclusion. Majora is certainly more interesting and will stick with me more atmospherically, but there's something.. classic about Ocarina, something undefinable, like the game was designed to be the template for all 3d action games going forward. the different areas, the use of music, the concept of time, all of that is gospel that was originally spread by Ocarina. I probably prefer Majora at the end of the day but there's something beautiful about Ocarina. Majora is the game that I would put in an art house and is the one I'm most likely to return to one day but Ocarina belongs in the library of congress.

back to majora -- I love the emotional struggle that the player has with this game. it's a story unto itself. there's beating the dungeon and restoring the town and powering yourself up and that stuff is all great, but it's the personal stories about the clock that drive this one. each cycle is a run, almost like a roguelike, and that personal narrative is what will stand out the most to me in this game. well, that and how f***ing horrifying deku Link is at the beginning. that is THE money shot of majora's mask: the beautiful deconstruction of all things holy captured in the terrifying face of deku Link.

User Info: ninkendo

2 days ago#378
Fierce Diety for life

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

2 days ago#379
Great final post.

Someone archive this.

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

2 days ago#380
(get all the masks tho)
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